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Hey UUers!

It's June! Well, actually it's not June yet, but here's the new lesson for the month of June anyway - break out your ukulele for "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison! As far as riffs go, they don't get much more iconic than this, so check out the video tutorial to learn the chords, strumming, and picking for this song, then play along with us on the "Brown Eyed Girl" Ukulele Play-Along.

Usually we release new free ukulele lessons on the 1st of each month, but this time Aldrine and Aaron will be on their 2014 Northern California / Denver Tour, bringing ukulele workshops and live concerts directly to you. Check out the Tour Page and if you're in the area (Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, & Denver), we'd love to meet up with you, jam a little uke, and hang out!

Hope to see you at the shows - rock on & keep strummin'

-UU Staff

Techniques Used in Lesson:
How to Hold Multiple Strings
How to Chunk
Singing and Playing


  1. When I first started uke & found this song, it was on my “Whoa…that’s not happening yet!” list. Ove the last year I’ve gotten it down with the play-along. This is my first time (schoolteacher at home…suddenly there’s a little time available!) to actually look at the tutorial for the intro & the real strumming pattern – I have been enjoying the play-alongs for close to four years without venturing to the tutorials, so this is my first. Aldrine – you are amazing! I love it that you made that intro accessible in a matter of minutes! I steer my students who end up with their own uke toward you – you are bringing a new generation of players so much valuable learning. Thank You for putting your work out there!!

    1. That is a pretty open ended question. 🙂 practice, of course, helps. Also there are various ways to finger many chords and picking the easiest combinations can help.

  2. Hello there. Im in my 40s and just started trying to play the ukelele. I have not got a musical bone in my body but found your lessons on you tube and i love them. They make playing the uke easy and im getting pretty good thanks to you aldrine, you videos are amazing. Thank you so much you are fab……thanks

  3. Hey All,

    How do I learn the picking pattern for Brown Eyed Girl if I have a Baritone Uke and play left handed?

    Thank a million,

  4. Hi Aldrine and friends

    This is great, but it would be even better if there was a bit of tab written out for the picking. I have difficulty remembering but can play anything from tab.
    For the moment I will write it out myself.

      1. I’ve mastered the chunking now, many thanks Aaron.

        I’m in my 40s and picked a ukulele up a few months ago. It’s the first time I have ever seriously learnt an instrument and I *love* it. Your site is fantastic for the teaching. Thanks again, Gavin

  5. a great tutorial, but my uke only has 12 frets and so the high pitched part of the intro doesn’t come out right.

  6. Great lesson! Clear and well presented. Best part is Aldrine’s laughter. Pure island. Beautiful.

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