UU Practice Sessions (UU+ Members Only)

If you feel your ukulele playing is stuck and you're not progressing, this course was created just for you!

Over the past 10 years we've taught thousands of beginners how to hold their first chords and strum their first songs on the ukulele. Unfortunately after the initial excitement and rapid growth period start to wear off, many people get stuck at a plateau somewhere between beginner and intermediate. They want to get better but just don't know how. We've heard this feedback and if you feel you're stuck, this course is just what you have been waiting for.

Ukulele Underground Practice Sessions is an intense 28 day course consisting of one 15-30 minute video a day. It's the fastest way to get better in the shortest amount of time we felt to be doable. In just one month, you'll have broken through your plateau and on to the next technique or song!

Here's the catch. Its NOT easy.

Before I go any further, I'd like to give you a warning about this course. It was designed with only one goal in mind, to get you, the player to see massive improvement in your uke playing in just 28 days. In fact, if you do the daily exercises in this course, we will guarantee you will be better at the end. There is no way you cannot be better if you stick to this routine.

With a guarantee like that, you should know going in that this is by far the most challenging curriculum we've ever put together. This course is HARD. It's designed to push you out of your comfort zones and you will stumble and have trouble keeping up in the beginning. Expect to fail early in the course. But stick to it, trust us, you will get better and by the end of the course you will dominate these sessions.

This course is available to all UU+ members right now, so if you're already a member just login to your UU+ account.

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-UU Guys