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    Week one was a success! We adopted a new member (a son – Xander) and now have a band of 3 jolly fellows! We have made it through the 100 series, all of the beginner “minutes” sessions and the first two chord essentials classes. It’s amazing how just a little bit of daily work pulls things together.

    Mom – Clear notes and accurate strumming are making for some nice sounds; but chord transitions are a bit of a difficulty, and my arms are so long; I can’t support the uke under my arm so when I switch chords, I sometimes lose hold and it causes some micro second delays on the switch that are making it difficult to keep it clean during the faster transitions (like a quarter note each).

    Daughter – Can switch most notes pretty quickly (all but the G7 chord) sometimes I miss beats when I strum and my little hands sometimes make it tough to get clear notes out of each string.

    Son – Has spot on chords and is the quickest of us all at learning the chords; but could use some work on strumming.

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