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    I am so happy I watched this, I needed the same tip on holding my uke! Missed you all.


    Thanks for recording and posting this, I rewound it and practiced it slowly. 🙂


    2020 guess–I am going with March 17, St. Patricks Day!


    Low G
    Key of C
    Song about Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer as a difficult teenager
    inspires laughter


    Is it too late to pick Jan. 2, 2020?


    Thanks Kahai! My intent was to play C, C7 (?) , G, G7 and Gsus4, but I was unclear on the 7th vs. maj 7th. I googled “how to play a song in an open key” and found it’s the white keys on a piano? (my music theory knowledge is almost nonexistent)
    I so appreciate your help and support.
    peace. love. ukulele.


    UU+ Challenge #13
    “Don’t Forget the Hot Sauce”


    Mahalo, Marc! Great feedback, I will work on that. I appreciate specificity, and the resource to work on it.


    Watching Annie’s lesson was so helpful! I am trying to do the same thing with “Daughter” by Loudown Wainwright, this just clicked something in my brain that made sense. Thank you for uploading. <3


    This is so awesome Jonathan! Brought joy to my heart. Thank you for inspiring me to take a risk.


    Thanks Ryan!!


    Hi Kahai,
    The week got away from me and I never got my song recorded, I did write it and work it out, though. Did I correctly hear the contest has been extended?? I could get it done tomorrow!


    Hi Kahai,
    I am in the Key of C, so does that mean my song has to have Dm,G, and C in that exact order? at least once? Can I change the G to a G7 and still follow the rules, or is that changing the progression?

    Between moving through lessons, creating fan art and now song writing, UU keeps me VERY busy. 😉


    Whoa! Way to go Daniel! 🙂


    What a great first open mic experience! Mahalo✌?❤️?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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