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    Thank you! So much fun!


    Hi Angelica,
    Where in Colorado are you? I am in Fort Collins and have arthritis in my hands also. There are some great hand warm ups on UU+. I have to do so much stretching to play. Glad you are here, you will love everyone and learn sooooooo much.


    How do you balance being a traveling musician with family?


    I think I changed it, should I repost? I think I am better this week, anyway. 😉


    I read this and thought, good question! I wonder what the answers are?

    Sooooo, here is what I do when I am burnt out on playing. I have been making mixed tapes/cds/playlists since I was in 7th grade. (Used to be my tape recorder on the am radio with the announcer always messing up my mixes!) The tapes are long gone but I have cd mixes and playlists from the last 3 decades, at least. I go back to see what I liked in the past and whether or not it would make a good ukulele song. Then I have to find it in ukulele form which becomes an exciting challenge in itself. It’s pretty easy to find a guitar song, but I dont play guitar.

    I have recently been trying to capture Tommy Bolin on ukulele, an amazing guitarist lost far too soon to drugs. I post the lyrics on Ultimate Guitar and kind of build the chords in from there. It’s a process, but it recharges my batteries! Here is one of the Tommy Bolin songs I am continutally working on, see all the edits below it. PS my user name on UG is reneethome and I have over 60 “shots” — (60 sec covers)on there now. I have some followers and follow 30 or 40 artists myself. They are inspiring.

    My last tip is watch the ukulele orchestra of Great Britain, they cover lots of fab English rock songs.

    Mahalo and much love,
    p.s. never underestimate the power of a new ukulele in the home to jazz things up!


    Thanks Kathy! It is an exciting journey for sure.


    I am so happy I watched this, I needed the same tip on holding my uke! Missed you all.


    Thanks for recording and posting this, I rewound it and practiced it slowly. 🙂


    2020 guess–I am going with March 17, St. Patricks Day!


    Low G
    Key of C
    Song about Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer as a difficult teenager
    inspires laughter


    Is it too late to pick Jan. 2, 2020?


    Thanks Kahai! My intent was to play C, C7 (?) , G, G7 and Gsus4, but I was unclear on the 7th vs. maj 7th. I googled “how to play a song in an open key” and found it’s the white keys on a piano? (my music theory knowledge is almost nonexistent)
    I so appreciate your help and support.
    peace. love. ukulele.


    UU+ Challenge #13
    “Don’t Forget the Hot Sauce”


    Mahalo, Marc! Great feedback, I will work on that. I appreciate specificity, and the resource to work on it.


    Watching Annie’s lesson was so helpful! I am trying to do the same thing with “Daughter” by Loudown Wainwright, this just clicked something in my brain that made sense. Thank you for uploading. <3

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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