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    Definitely improved… Great way to focus on improving my skills!

    Worm – 1, end 2 1/2
    Strumming – 14, end 22
    Picking – 14, end 52
    C scale – 7, end 12
    Chord switching – 19, end 27


    One more problem with the downloads – key of F speed dexterity stops part way through the session.

    Ar you planning to fix the download versions?


    I noticed the key of G speed session on the iPad version has an error – it has a d scale instead of G. The version on the web site is correct, so the iPad version needs to be replaced with the correct version.

    Also… When will the final key of e & f review be available on the iPad app?

    I love doing the sessions on the iPad app because I don’t have to wait for my network to catch up.

    Great course… I’ve learned some good practice techniques.


    The E chord exercises are helpful. I have small hands, so even though bending my fingers back isn’t difficult for me, spanning 3 strings on my tenor is tough with my ring finger bent back… It feels like my finger is too short. Any ideas?


    I’ve successfully downloaded all except the key of G speed on my iPad. Day 8 downloaded and worked fine a few minutes ago, but the key of G is still only a thumbnail.


    Worm – 1
    Strumming – 14
    Picking – 14
    C scale – 7
    Chord switching – 19

    I have lots of room for improvement. I love the structure of these practice sessions to help me focus on building basic skills.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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