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    03 08
    Just played some songs. Work on imagine more and include roll in island style.



    Practiced rolls in strumming pattern 70bpm and with cords switches and Waiting in Vain.

    – Create a fingerpicking pattern and switch between strumming with rolls
    – Practice barre cords and play along waiting in vain
    – Play other songs


    01 08
    Practiced barre cord gm7 and the cord cm7 with switches for waiting in vain Bob Marley.

    Also practiced Rolls 70bpm later on.


    29 07
    Practiced cord switches and strumming. That goes really well.
    Fingerpicking also and Rolls.

    Next time practice rolls with a follow up strum and strumming patterns in 60 or 70bpm. After this combine the 3 learned and practice switching + make a viddy.


    Practiced cord progression with different strumming patterns, fingerpicking 70bpm and rolls.



    Watched uke lesson 4 fully.

    Things to work on for now:
    – Cord progression: C C7 F G7 and C Am F G7 in 70bpm with different strumming patterns
    – Practice rolls and add these in to here
    – Practice fingerpicking 70bpm
    – Practice transitioning between Strumming, Rolls and Fingerpicking

    + a song whenever I feel like it: Island Style picking pattern, here comes the sun or Imagine



    Did some improvising strumming, finger picking 90 and 140 bpm and practiced picking pattern Island style


    20 07
    Did some strumming and picking practice.


    So daily practice next 6 days consists of:
    – some strumming and a song to warm up
    – rolls
    – fingerpicking
    – fingerpicking Island style
    – transitioning from finger picking to strumming

    Optional is learning other songs like here comes the sun and imagine



    – some strumming and cord switches, focusing on left hand
    – over the rainbow song
    – rolls
    – fingerpicking 100bpm c f G d
    – fingerpicking island style



    – strumming
    – rolls
    – fingerpicking
    – Island Style finger picking pattern



    – 15 Strumming patterns in C F G (uke teacher)
    – Rolls
    – lesson 5 Fingerpicking

    Practice next few days:
    – Warm up with the 15 strumming patterns of Uke Teacher and include other cords (make it my own)
    – Rolls
    – Finger picking
    – 2 songs
    – Last 1 0 mins of lesson 5

    –> after 7 days make video for feedback on everything I learned so far.


    14-07 + 15-07

    Soo practiced the following:
    – Different strumming patterns in C, Am, F, Dm, G at 80bpm & 100bpm
    – Imagine John Lennon
    – FInger strength for Roll
    – Island Style

    Almost got Island Style Perfecto. Learn these things and include Finger picking part of lesson 5 (handy for the imagine song)



    Practiced Island Style and and some strumming



    Practiced all kinds of strumming patterns and learned Island Style.

    Next time do this as well and play along Island style and do a little bit of lesson 5.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)

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