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    Question for Live Lesson


    I’ve been trying to learn Dan and Shay’s song SPEECHLESS for my wife as she loves that tune. I consulted for the chords (link above) and the chords seems correct. The music is written in the key of C with a capo on the first fret so it’s really in C# but for the purpose of this question, let’s just say were in C major. The verse starts off traditionally with: I-iii-IV-ii. Then, there is a bridge that stars off vi-V-IV and then there is the first of a few F minor chords in the song and then later there is even a Bb chord. My questions are: Is this just an unorthodox song? Why does the Fm and Bb chord sound like it fits so well in the C major chord family? Is there some alternating key change going on that I am not detecting? I appreciate your help.

    PS – I love the new song challenge ideas that you just started doing. It really got me thinking and trying new things…


    Lao Gao


    Thanks to Alan Fasick for the reply. I think it is getting better. I am cautiously optimistic.

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