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    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    Since it was my recommendation, I used all chords in the key of F in this short song. Also, challenged myself to play up the neck so I learned all these inversions last night (sorry for the sloppy transitions, but I’ll keep practicing)

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    I made it simple and used Kahai’s challenge suggestion. I’ll Never be “Home Alone” on Christmas…

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    I’m thankful for my song “Thankful”, but definitely need to work on that left pinky finger.

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    Wrote some lyrics but they didn’t sound right with the song. Here’s Spicy Fingers:

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    UU+ Songwriting Challenge #12

    Instrumental in C using only C & G. Wasn’t’ sure how to end it.

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    My second challenge attempt. Just finished writing and very little practice but I hope you enjoy (and maybe laugh)

    Life’s Tough Choices

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    Well, here is my submission for the Live Lesson Challenge. It’s my first attempt at writing a song and one of my first time trying to sing and strum at the same time. This is the second time that I’ve recorded myself on video (still uncomfortable in front of the camera).. It’s a little rough, but I’ll keep practicing. Hope you enjoy.

    (Destiny) The Only Word (Key of D)

    Intro – instrumental (picked 1st three strings): [G] [Em] [D] [A]

    Verse 1
    I [G] don’t believe in magic
    and there’s [Em] no such thing as fate
    but the [D] moment that our eyes met
    it’s like [A] destiny was paved

    The [G] honeymoon may be over
    but our [Em] love’s still going strong
    we share [D] everything with each other
    was it [A] destiny all along?

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Chorus x2
    I’ve [Em] fought the demons in my head
    they [G] pushed me to the very edge
    but [D] you taught me how to love myself
    and [A] backed me off that ledge

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Verse 2
    Now [G] we’re growing old together
    I’ll [Em] never forget the day we met
    you’ve [D] taught me how to truly love
    yeah, [A] destiny’s the word that fits

    I’ll [G] love you past forever
    you [Em] have become my world
    I can’t [D] imagine a day without you
    [A] destiny’s the only word

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Chorus x2

    Outro Instrumental (strummed, fade): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

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