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    Thanks Pookie. I’ve gotten past that bump in the road. I think at that time they thought of the ukulele as a toy and not a serious musical instrument. The only person they know is Tiny Tim and well…… Of course they’re not going to take it serious. Upon my last visit I played a few tunes using different types of strumming, picking and tapping. Yea… They’re also a bit more knowledgable of the ukuleles history now too. They now realize that the ukulele is not a toy because of it’s size and silly sounding name.
    I enlightened a few more people about the ukulele and hopefully someday they’ll decide to give it whirl and fall in love with it as I did.
    Of course I will tell them to become a UU member.


    I agree. The Solo Secrets is really piecing my whole understanding and learning process together nicely. I just got started on it today and I’m loving it. Wow! Talk about you guys hitting the nail on the head about chord inversions. I just didn’t understand it until I watched the very first video. My thoughts while listening was, “OH! I get it! Why doesn’t anyone else explain it like that?” Now just to practice it until my fingers are completely numb. This is really taking a beginner/intermeidiate player to the next level. Let’s just say it’s making it even more enjoyable to learn. Love you guys for this. Heading to Maui in two weeks! I need a warm beach, a fish taco, homemade Mochi ice cream and some tunes.
    Thanks guys.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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