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    Willie K is an amazing musician entertainer and individual. He has so much talent!!!!
    I am fortunate to have heard him (first) in 2017 and been able to buy the same ukulele he is playing in the clip – an Oscar Schmidt Willie K custom designed by Arvi Ronan of Lahaina Custom Guitars. I bought it from Arvi and took it to Mulligans to get an autograph.
    So much story – but Willie asked if he could play it -I agreed of course –

    He meant on stage ….. apparently his Ukulele had been left behind that day!!! Serendipity!!!!!

    So Willie not only signed it but also ran it in for me …
    You can hear him playing a little on the KineKoolBand Youtube page ….. with one song dedicated to the Aussies in the room ( my wife and I 🙂 )
    WIllie K at Mulligans

    ps – I only realised after watching it closely that the one in the clip is a 4 string concert – the custom that he played on stage before his Kanile’a was a five string tenor ukulele high & low G 🙂

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    It was fun…..

    Well done everyone……
    Hope the Hallelujah Chorus doesn’t pop up for royalties

    (Would love to hear someone else interpreting some of my charts..)



    “Sometimes”…. depends on strings and ukulele. If you must play left handed and want to tune differently, swap the strings. Check the slot in the nut tho for a proper seat, and you may get some buzzing if the string is loose in the nut — ideally you might consider changing the nut …. but only if you are very “particular”


    No right or wrong … I have a Willie-K Oscar Schmidt and its strung low G on top. I think therefore that the Kanile’a Willie K Custom is also strung with low G on top. I believe Taimani uses two Low G strings. Don’t stress, just play it and enjoy.

    Listen to some of Willie K’s ukulele songs and you will hear a 5 string hard at work. If you pull up some of the YouTube clips you might be able to see a little of his technique…..

    If you are strumming, depending on which strings you pick “loudest” you may get more of the re-entrant sound, than the low G sound. Picking will challenge you…. if you are using the double string set in the picking pattern.
    In short, its doesn’t matter. Its what you want.

    ( Oh,…..and if you have the urge to swap them. …..Before you do, ….. closely examine the slot width at the nut vs string diameter, as if they are not the correct width for the string you may end up with unwanted noises —- like buzzing 🙁 )

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    ouch – that video connection was so bad …. Hope I’ll get it sorted before next open mic – and I’ll do Hawaiian Sunset again….


    Congratulations Ukulele Underground for a journey milestone. Thank you for the music.

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    Aloha all,
    I’m Jim from Aus … 🙂 Well Brisbane for the last 30 or so years, but lots of other Aussie towns beforehand. I started playing piano at age 6, learnt classical, had the essential band experience (country/rock/jazz/dance/popular) and learnt more from playing with other musicians than I ever did as a formal student! In 2011 we visited Hawaii (second time) and my wife was keen on me taking up ukulele, me “not so excited”.

    On a rainy day in Hilo ( where it never rains …. a little, LOL) we walked into Hilo Guitars and met Ken Cameron. A gorgeous Kanile’a K1 tenor took up residence and I have now been afflicted with UAS adding a Keli’i tenor, Islander by Kanile’a Pako (bass), Oscar Schmidt 5 string Willie K custom ( after seeing him perform with it), Islander Concert, an antique Arthur Godfrey Tenor and from my last trip a Kanile’a Baritone and I am waiting for delivery of a Kanile’a Super Tenor that is being held to ransom by customs 🙂 ( I think they are playing it….)

    I love all styles of music and have been privileged to play with some great local musicians which dragged me into improving my skills for stage performances on ukulele. During 2015 I played with four great female vocalists in Kine Kool Band, but like most large groups we have moved on. I also was extremely honoured to host Aldrine and Aaron for Brisbane Spruke 2015, and got to jam a little (and learn a lot), and Aldrine joined Kine Kool on stage for a couple of songs. I love UU+ which allows me to take “bite size” doses of improvement ideas and use them in my style of songs – always something new to learn.

    I also sponsored a music therapy program at a homeless shelter and with a local professional musician lead/coach/teach/perform (a little) every fortnight. Its great to be able to take the pleasure of music to clients and see the happiness it brings.

    We also visited Kauai in April 2017 and were privileged to hear Aldrine and Aaron perform locally at Oasis on the Beach, where they slayed the crowd!!! I highly recommend this. There are many great players, great singers and great teachers – but there are few that are able to deliver on all three. Aldrine is one of those.

    Share UU+ with your ukulele playing friends – and if you have friends that are not uke players …. why not??

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