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    I lived in Kaneohe for a hot minute in the early 80’s on the very same street that Kanile’a is on (Mountainview Terrace). Somewhere it got lost but my tutu had a photo of me when I was 2 passed out in my high chair at Haiku Gardens holding a rib bone, my father actually had his wedding there too when he remarried. I went to Reverend Benjamin Parker for some of 2nd grade, ’82 I think, but we didn’t live in Kaneohe for very long. Kahalu’u and Ka’a’awa were the 2 places I felt most strongly connected to, deep down I’m a country boy, and when it comes to O’ahu, I am all about the windward side, I heard about Castle Park going away, the leeward side is now dead to me lol.

    I just learned about B.U.G., if I can’t make it to any of your gigs I hope to catch you there next month. I’ll try to make it to the Hangry Ohana gig though.



    Great job, I’ll have to check this out!


    Aloha Allan,
    I live in Niwot actually, if you ever want to get together for kanikapila or some Hawaiian BBQ, I have tutu’s songbook from the 60’s as well that I am going to OCR when I have time and host. Wild chickens on Kauai is something I have not heard of, but makes sense, since that was the island spared from the mongoose. My grandmother’s soprano is currently in the capable hands of Woodsongs Lutherie and I eagerly await it’s return. I bought myself a Mexican made Martin tenor in the meantime. It’s been an adventure in string stretching as I search for the strings I’d like to have a saddle carved for. Since I lived in Kahalu’u for most of my years in the islands, and Kailua for my last year in the islands I am looking forward to visiting Kanile’a when I go back. I love the idea of owning a ukulele made near my old home inlaid with sand from the beach I went to most.

    Be well,

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