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    Fun intro Robb!
    Chris and Sue


    Thanks. We’ve been working on artificial harmonics. Would love to redo the song with a little percussion and perhaps up the tempo.


    We would love to hear another submission from you. Your last intro was great. By the way, we really enjoyed your Springsteen song for the open mic 👍


    Another great song. It sounds very happy. Thanks Hamsini. We love it.


    Here is the link to our UU Intro song writing challenge on Google Drive:

    We basically followed the D, A, Bm, G chord progression. We used our usual high-G and low-G tenors plus baritone.

    Chris and Sue


    We finally finished our song. It’s called “Lobstah Fest.” What we had in mind was a New England lobster/clam bake on the beach in Maine. We also envisioned the seagulls and other birds flocking around the lobster boats when they return with their catch to the pier. The song is basically in F minor (we think) with a happy melody.

    Link to “Lobstah Fest” on Google Drive:


    Another beautiful song. Makes us hungry for chocolate.

    Chris and Sue


    Thank you. We’ve been practicing improvising with the blues. Great fun! Aldrine and the guys have taught us so much. Thanks guys!


    Here’s our latest song challenge tune, “On the Dance Floor, We Do it Swing Style.”

    Since we can’t play very fast, this is a VERY SLOW swing song. Maybe best for “work station chair-dancing.” We recorded several tracks using Garage Band: Baritone bass line picking; baritone strum; high-G and low-G tenor strum: high-G and low-G tenor melodies … plus our favorite “apple” maraca keeping time.

    You can listen to the song on this Google Drive link. Enjoy. Chris and Sue


    We love Hamsini’s collaboration with Harini. You both did a great job. After listening to the open mic, we were hoping you would play something together for the song challenge. We loved it!


    Great song Kathy. Love hearing about all the cool stuff you have in Australia that we just don’t have here in the states. If you record again adding the gum leaf playing would be awesome, although you have such a pretty singing voice, maybe you don’t need the gum leaf 😊 Didn’t know that was a thing. The link you sent was awesome. We can only whistle with hay grass, bottle caps or you can always find an acorn cap to play 😜

    Btw Nice Mya Moe!
    Chris and Sue


    Does Jake have some musicians who inspire him?


    That was awesome Hamsini! We were hoping we would get to hear another song from you this month. We’re very impressed with your long pinky finger stretches. The upbeat tempo sounds so happy. It left us smiling.


    Great song! It has such a catchy groove. You can’t help going away humming the song,


    We’re glad you all enjoyed “My Dog Has Zzzzz.” We recorded four tracks in Garage Band playing baritone, high-G tenor and low-G tenor. We used an Apogee Mic+ USB microphone connected directly to our Mac. We imported the photos and videos into iMovie along with the soundtrack from Garage Band. Have fun in HI We’re jealous. We were there once on business 40 years ago, but haven’t been back since.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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