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    Hi Ukuleleyogi,
    We have the Hal Leonard Ukulele Aerobics book. If this is the one you have, there is a code right on the title page when you first open the book. There is a box a little over halfway down that gives you the code. Just follow the directions in the box and you will be able to download the audio for all the lessons. Sorry so late in replying. You’ve probably already downloaded by now.
    Keep on picking’ and strummin’!
    Chris and Sue


    Here’s our song for the challenge, “Watermelon Blues” in the key of A. We managed to include most of the bonuses. There’s nothing like a cool, juicy watermelon to quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

    Here’s the link to the song and video with scrolling lyrics on DropBox:


    Nice to hear from you again! Interesting chord progression. Great strumming and picking. Nice piano accompaniment. Love your outfits. Mangoes are delicious!


    We love your song Ryan! Love the Troy solo. Our song is written but not recorded yet. Still working out the kinks. We still have time Rob.


    Thank you Aswin. Your girls are so talented. That’s wonderful that they are learning about sound production. Having good sound for the open mics would really enhance their performance. We’re looking forward to seeing them at the open mic on Thursday.
    – Chris and Sue


    Gee thanks Robb. We would like to learn more about the fancy jazz chords you play. Wish we had better singing voices. (We grew up playing wind instruments so we never really trained our singing voices) You have a nice soothing voice.
    -C & S


    Here’s our new song, “Campfire.” We pictured a bunch of friends jamming around a campfire. We recorded seven tracks in Garage Band using our high G and low G tenors plus our baritone. We played a slow reggae beat in F and included some Fmaj7, Am7 and C7 chords.

    For the first time, Sue also used her 1950s Arthur Godfrey VEGA baritone. It was recently upgraded from friction tuners to new Gotah planetary tuners, The crooked neck was reset and it was strung with a reentrant D string.

    We think it sounds best with stereo speakers or headphones since we adjusted left/right balance a little.

    You can listen at Dropbox:

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    Great composition girls! We love the energy it brings and the tempo changes adds a lot of flavor. The digital piano and ukulele really sound great together, which makes your title that much more fitting. The sound quality is great. You are both such talented girls. All the time you put into your music really shows. We alway look forward to hearing you play. We hope to have our song ready soon.
    -Chris and Sue


    Dear Santa,
    We’ve tried very hard to be extra good this year, truly. We would love to have a song written about “daughters” maybe with a key change and maybe a time signature or tempo change.
    Cookies and hot cocoa will be ready for you when you get here ; )
    Chris and Sue


    Fun intro Robb!
    Chris and Sue


    Thanks. We’ve been working on artificial harmonics. Would love to redo the song with a little percussion and perhaps up the tempo.


    We would love to hear another submission from you. Your last intro was great. By the way, we really enjoyed your Springsteen song for the open mic ?


    Another great song. It sounds very happy. Thanks Hamsini. We love it.


    Here is the link to our UU Intro song writing challenge on Google Drive:

    We basically followed the D, A, Bm, G chord progression. We used our usual high-G and low-G tenors plus baritone.

    Chris and Sue


    We finally finished our song. It’s called “Lobstah Fest.” What we had in mind was a New England lobster/clam bake on the beach in Maine. We also envisioned the seagulls and other birds flocking around the lobster boats when they return with their catch to the pier. The song is basically in F minor (we think) with a happy melody.

    Link to “Lobstah Fest” on Google Drive:

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