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    Day 7 (January 22)
    Duration: 30 minutes

    – Warm Up from Ukulele 102 Week 1
    – Chord changes: – D -> Bm (Essential Chords)
    – Strumming: – Calypso Strum (Matt’s Strumming Course)
    – Songs: – Up on the Roof

    Reflection: I liked this short practice. I memorised the warming up, so it went faster.
    I want to practice the Calypso pattern and the song Up on the roof a couple of times before I go on to the next class.


    Day 6 (January 15)
    Duration: 1 hour

    I tried to structure my practice better today, so I had a well rounded practice.

    – Warm Up from Ukulele 102 Week 1 (had to re-watch the video, to see exercises)
    – Fingerpicking:  Exercise A from 102 week 1
    – Chord changes: –  G -> Em (Essential Chords) 8-4-2-1 UD strum
    – Strumming:  – Did part of Matt’s course on strumming
    – Songs:  – Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

    Reflection: Warm up took more time for me today, because I had to watch the exercises again.
    I liked the explanation about holding the ukulele. The essential chords, the strumming and warm up video’s are very helpful.


    Day 4 (Jan 2) 55 min
    I was curious about the other courses and checked out the Chords course and the other one in improvement systems.
    Practice tuning my uke by ear
    C&Am chord practice
    G Em chord practice

    Result Dexterity test Day 1:
    Worm 1
    Strum 5
    Picking 12
    C major scale 6
    Chord switch 12

    Day 5 (Jan 3) – 50 minutes
    Ukulele 102 week 1

    Past weekend during new years I practiced with two friends and played and sang the ukulele.
    I noticed improvement in my timing. I think it’s from the Uke100 course.


    Day 3

    Practiced the following today:
    -UUU 100 lesson 5
    – tried to tune my ukulele by ear
    – practiced my song I’ll have to say I love you in a song by Jim Croce.

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    Day 2

    Today I’ve completed this lesson:
    UUU 100 Lesson 4

    I really liked the song. I love Ukulele Pop tarts, that was fun.

    Also played one of the songs I like; Nobody does it better from Carly Simon

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