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    In the live lessons I see a lot of Boomers. What made you pick up a Ukulele so late in life? Was it a trip to Hawaii or was it something else? How did you end up at UU?

    Here is my story:

    As a child, my father beat me. Harsh opening right?

    At the age of 60 I’ve forgiven him. Actually I forgave him many years ago. The beatings seem to be a generational philosophy on handling stubborn children who had their own mind, I now appreciate my sons effective skillful ability to discipline my 5 grandchildren without ever touching them, demonstrating generational improvement. I wish I could say I was as effective as he is in his technique but I can’t.

    At the age of 9ish I acquired a ukulele. I don’t remember the brand or the quality. What I do remember is that I learned basic chords and that I played basic songs to comfort myself after beatings.. Simple Key of C songs with chords C, G, D an F were staples of comfort. I remember playing Diana and other 1850+ staples, I don’t remember having the Ukulele in my teenage years, Somewhere along the way I lost it,

    In my teen years I picked up the guitar. I played the guitar into college where I attribute it to helping me land my trophy wife of what is soon to be a 40 year anniversary. In our early 20’s she purchased me a very expensive Takaminie guitar. A busy and fruitful life set the guitar aside, 5 years ago I donated it to a worship leader and told him to donate it to someone who had an interest in learning..

    Over the years I periodically have walked into music stores. Hanging on the wall was my old friend the ukulele. I told myself, I should buy that; but, I never did because I was too busy or broke or some other excuse.

    6 years ago, my second grandchild was born. Sarah is a very artistic child. At 5 she expressed a strong desire to play the guitar. Being successful I purchased her a child guitar only to realize her hands were too small. I suggested a Ukulele. We went to the local music store and she picked out a moderate priced concert ukulele. I taught her what i knew and she played it for 2 months then lost interest. The ukulele sat in the corner of my home office for weeks it not months.

    Hello old friend in the corner of my office! Remembering my childhood I picked up Sarah’s ukulele. I travel a lot and I began to take her ukulele on trips across the country and across the world. After many months of You-Tube and free internet lessons I began to realize I needed some professional instruction to improve my capabilities. I wanted to improve because this small instrument speaks to me and mediocre is not in my vocabulary.

    I tried a couple of internet sites teaching ukulele. I paid monthly versus an annual subscription. Trying on shoes would be a good metaphor.

    With the UU monthly I experienced live lessons with live instruction. Some things require face-to-face instruction. The face-to-face (virtual) instruction of UU live (at less than $12 per month for annual subscription) sold me! I learned more with Aldrine and Ryan online in 5 minutes than I could ever learn self taught. Using online, real time video Aldrine (World class Ukulele player) observes my play and provides immediate feedback. How awesome is that for $12? Weekly $4.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

    What’s yours?

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