where's the sheet music with the chords and words?

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    I’m new here to UU. I’m trying to learn White Christmas (lesson 60). I went through the tutorial video and sing along video. Both are great, but I can’t keep pace with sing along video since I’m learning. So I have to keep pausing and rewinding, which makes it really hard to learn.

    All I need is a print out of the sheet music with the chords and words. This would make it so much easier to learn the song, so I can play at my own pace. Where can I find this on UU? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


    “Where’s the sheet music with the chords and words”
    That was a question to the forum 12/9/2014 in Ukukele Help.
    If there is a reply, please let me know.


    Was it ever determined if there was sheet music with words/chords on it? Thanks again !


    I don’t think there is the word with the chords on it. It usually is you do the play-a-long to get it down.


    Yeah, this would be helpful. I find myself grabbing chords off the web and trying to find one that matches the arrangement in the song videos. Even a link to an existing chord sheet online would be very useful!


    Just visit https://ultimate-guitar.com, then change the chord diagrams to ‘ukulele’ using the available tools. All tabs are sorted by type; bass, guitar, chords, tab, and pro tabs. Just choose chords to the song you wish to learn, then utilize the chord diagrams whenever you run across an unfamiliar chord. It helped me a lot when I first picked up the guitar so many years ago — that site has been online forever, and has the largest collection of tabs I’ve seen.

    Best of luck! \m/


    Great tip on the ultimate guitar site — thanks, ataraxia!

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