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    So we have a few thousand students here on UU+ and we really want you all to start engaging with each other, help keep each other motivated and find and make friends with people around you. What do you think we can do to help get more of you using these forums?

    We have some things that we’re going to try in the next few weeks, but if you have any ideas, please let us know!


    I suspect the main reason people don’t post here is a lack of awareness. forums.ukuleleunderground is awesome. To want to come here, there needs to be compelling content that is there, and it has to be easy to go between them. So, it there were a way to embed these are subfora there, For example, if they were listed in the UU VIP area. Then, we’d see the usual places like the marketplace and luthier lounge, but these would be right there. We wouldn’t need to move between them. I don’t know whether that’s possible with the tools you’re using, but I’ve been in groups before that had that kind or capability.

    I’d also like to see a link between UU+ and forums.ukuleleunderground. As it is now, if I long in to UU, I go to https://ukuleleunderground.com/plus-2/. There used to be a link to the other forums at the top. Now I have to type “forums….” Its a small thing, but I’m already on the mouse, so…

    As a point of reference, I think the other forums are so good that they are actually a significant factor in my decision to stay at UU+. Sometimes months go by without me coming here, but I don’t mind paying because I want to reward and encourage the spirit of community that’s there.

    Finally, thanks for all the work you put into the site revision. It will take some adjustment to learn where things are, but that comes with change. The effort and care are apparent and I appreciate your efforts to provide a good user experience.

    Mahalo UU team!


    I am brand new to UU- found it yesterday and subscribed yesterday- but I am usually pretty tech savvy. I am having trouble figuring the site out. Since I subscribed, I can’t seem to get back to the “non subscription” forums. These forums are great, and I hope to utilize them, but I also want to see the general posts by a variety of people. It seems like it is 2 separate sites, and I guess I wish it seemed more combined, with some of the content being subscribed members only.


    Honestly, I think the new layout is going to help a lot. It keeps the new activity front and center, and makes the UU+ forums a lot easier to access. I’ll admit I had the same question about how to find the old forums (I bought three of my Ukes on the Marketplace there) but I’ve bookmarked them now so no issue for me.

    For some reason the last version of the site’s ‘completed’ lessons weren’t tracking for me. Now hitting the Completed button works fine. That’s a big help.

    Great job and keep it going.


    I agree with rickolsen. I love the forums.ukuleleunderground site and tend to go to there for my forum questions and needs. That forum is the reason I signed up for the course. I would like to see the course forum as part of the overall UU forum structure. I Havent participated in this forum since the other one has such an active community. It’s kind of a catch 22.

    Gary YoshidaGary Yoshida

    Hey Ryan,

    I think if you want more traffic on this forum, it needs to be a category on the other forum, much like UU VIP. That’s my two cents.


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