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    Hey Guys,

    incoming videos and printouts for this week.

    Exercise A (C Major)

    Exercise B (G Major)

    Exercise C (C minor)

    Exercise D (G minor)

    UUU 102 – Week 3 Exercises

    If you caught last week’s lesson, you might have heard that the practice videos and printouts will be posted here on Wednesday. That way you guys can print out the pdf and have it ready for the lesson. You can still watch the lesson without the pdf, but it might be a little harder.

    You can also find the pdf and practice videos on the replay post of the lessons.
    102 Archive

    They also include links and timestamps to whatever we talked about for the Week. If you want to re-watch the lesson, or if you missed the livestream, the archived version is definitely they way to go. We got a lot of positive comments on Week’s 2 lesson, and we’re so glad to hear you guys like it. If you want to give us any feedback, or show us your own progress with 102, you can reply here, email us, or send us a private message using the speech bubble in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Keep up the awesome work!

    -Kahai (UU Staff)

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    Here is my lesson one homework. Having a little trouble.

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    Aloha Nick!
    It seems to slow down a bit whenever you’re switching strings. Going down the strings when you play the ascending scale is fine but when you descend and add those pull offs, there’s seems to be a bit of a hesitation and it throws off the rhythm. The exercises are usually at 90 bpm but you can probably use the free google metronome and take a bit slower for you to play the exercise clean. Try it at 75 bpm or even at 60 bpm. That way, you can focus on getting the notes clean and making usre the pull offs are on the right notes. Great that you’re focused on getting the exercises down and clean and double checking with us. Try the other exercises out as well. Keep up the great work!


    Couple questions. When I do A string pull offs down the fret board (like the g major scale) I tend to pull the a string off the fret board any advice? Also i noticed the major scale pattern down the fret board is different from the other videos, it seems to allow more pull offs, is that why you drop down a string after the first and fourth notes? Just curious.

    Love the practice sheets and videos, very helpful.

    mahalo, Ted

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