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    My 3 strum patterns

    D D UDU
    C Am F G

    DU UDU U
    C Dm F G

    C G Am F C G


    Looks good man. Pari this up with the metronome work and it’ll come out nicely. I’m liking that second pattern. Nice and simple.



    Hello all,

    This is my third homework on ukulele 101. [strumming patterns: 1) DU -U -U D- 2)-U DU DU D- 3)-U DU DU -U]

    Thank you so much,




    Great job Farshad! Adding that metronome to the practice makes quite a difference, doesn’t it? I can’t believe how much making the homework videos helped me. Such a simple thing, really, but it kept me going and made me take each step seriously. Good luck on the journey!


    Here’s mine. First video I’ve ever done of myself!
    All 3 patterns using the same 3 chords: C Am F. I got a kick out of making this vid!

    1. DUD DUD
    2. DU UD DU
    3. DU UD D


    My strumming patterns:

    1. D DUD D
    2. DU DU D D
    3. DU U U U (My fav)

    Also, sorry about the scatter brain moments, I just got off work after a very strange week and my brain said no more thinking.


    Great job on the homework! I love the second strumming pattern. Nice and smooth strums. Keep it up!


    Great job! That one with the up strums is nice and bouncy! I also like that you say the pattern aloud to keep yourself in rhythm. Keep it up!


    Hello, strumming patterns:

    Thanks again!


    Glad you got to try out some of the patterns we suggested! Try to get these as consistent as possible. It’s good to keep the pattern in mind when practicing it but it’s also beneficial if you just let your hands do the work. Sometimes when we think of the pattern we get more confused and the hesitation messes the groove and the consistency of the pattern. Keep up the good work!


    Hi guys,

    Could you give me feedback on this short impression of my playing?

    Would really appreciate it!



    Hi guys,

    So I have tried to implement the feedback you gave me last time, which was:
    – Sit Uke lower, practice in lap
    – don’t hold back on the strumming, try giving it more volume by bringing in hand closer to strings, point more toward floor on down strums and curl fingers in.

    So I would especially love to hear if my posture is good and that I am holding and strumming it correctly. Is my right arm/wrist/hand positioned good like this?

    I guess I could still add more volume, but this is hopefully already an improvement. Also I did not curl in my fingers in this video, as I kinda like it this way and it does not have to be loud here anyway. But alongside volume, is it a ‘better’ way to get familiar to strum with fingers curled in, looking at future practices? Or does this not matter?

    Lastly, any feedback on my left arm/hand and switching cords?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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