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    Hey guys,

    if you want to post videos of you practicing what we learned in week 1, post them here. We’ll take a look, and go over them next week.

    -Kahai (UU Staff)

    P.S. Hope you guys are having fun with 101. If you have any suggestions, we would be happy to hear them.


    Hey – trying to post a homework video from uke 101. Not sure if this link to Google Drive will work.

    Thanks for the lesson!



    Aloha Sandee!

    Thanks so much for the video. You’re doing great! Make sure that your wrist is relaxed and try not to use your forearm so much. Just like we explained in week 1, it’s mostly wrist and little to no forearm movement. The chords are coming along nicely. Try to see if you can have all the notes land at the same time, especially on that G. It’s okay for now but definitely something you want to work towards.

    You’re sounding great! Keep up the amazing work.



    Hey y’all, here’s my first go at uploading a video. Hope it works!


    Aloha tteadrinker!
    Thanks so much for the video! It’s coming along very nicely. Your form looks great. I would start to bring those fingers in on your left hand (instead of only having the fingers needed for the chord) the earlier you start to tuck in those fingers closer to the fretboard the better. When you start doing faster chord changes, you want your fingers ready so having them closer is a good habit to start. Mahalo again for the video and excited to see your progress.


    Hey all,

    This is my first homework video on ukulele 101.

    Thank you so much,




    @ffeyzbar Right on man! Great job on the homework. Your form looks great and the chords are looking clean. Good tempo as well. If I’m being nitpicky, I would like the chord switch a little bit cleaner. Take your time on the switch and make use of that upbeat before the change. Other than that, it looked picture perfect. Keep up the great work!



    Here is my week one homework submission.

    Any feed back is appreciated.

    Hope this link works.


    Thanks for Everything,

    I updated the link with one you guys should be able to access.

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    Request has been sent to view the link. Looking forward to it!


    Yes! I just saw this for the first time this morning – I will review and practice –
    Thanks so much! ☺


    Hi everyone! Here is my week one homework submission. 🙂


    Week 1 homework and a few questions, thanks. Bear 🙂


    Week 1 homework. G chord trips me up sometimes. But I know when I just play and not “focus” so hard it gets better.

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    Aloha everyone!
    I’m here to give feedback to the videos!

    Chords sound nice and clean. Especially that G chord. Easy to have it sound a bit muddy because of all the fingers needed to play the chord but yours came out nice and clean. Strumming technique is pretty good. The only thing is that the strumming pattern for that is D DU UDU. On the video you did D UD UDU. The reason why we enforce the first pattern is because it’s a consistent rhythm. There is a bit of a break after the first down strum because it’s supposed to be an up there rhythmically that we are skipping. Because we skipped the up strum, the next strum is in the rhythm is another down. So you would play D (then miss on the U) then D again, U (then miss on the D) then followed by an UDU. The misses are there so that your right hand makes like a pendulum and keeps a steady rhythm of DUDUDUDU. I can explain this further on Thursday’s live lesson if you need more help. Mahalo for the video!

    Chords are coming out nicely. G is going to be a bit to get to cleanly. Good form on the strumming pattern as well. Just have to make sure you’re hitting the sweet spot of the uke. Try and relax on that pointer finger on your right hand when you strum and let the weight of your hand guide your strum like a pendulum. Keep up the good work. With more practice, it’ll get cleaner and cleaner. Mahalo!

    Sorry for the long delay on my response. That usually goes away with time. Make sure that the movement mostly comes from your wrist instead of your forearm. You need only to graze the strings so see if you can find the sweet spot where youre striking the strings but grazing them only enough to make the strings vibrate. The chords sound good, just a bit of time to get to them cleanly with no hesitation. Strumming pattern sounds pretty good. Keep it up! Thanks!


      Does this work?
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