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    Priya and I are doing our own 13 week challenge. We try to learn at least one new song from UU each week. We both learn the rhythm and I play the solos while Priya sings. Our goal is to know 13 songs so well that we won’t need the play alongs. We are on week five! After making a playlist of all the songs we want to learn we both had some questions.

    How do you decide which songs to do each month? Do you avoid songs because they might not be in your vocal range or licensing issues? (We noticed you don’t have any Disney songs for example.) Conversely, do you try to do songs that no one else has done on ukulele? (There are some ukulele groups that only teach the most popular songs out there.) Are there songs that you avoid because of limitations on the ukulele?

    We were really surprised when we sorted the songs on YouTube by views because we personally felt some of your best performances weren’t always the most viewed videos. We absolutely love your version of “I hear music.” Are there any videos you thought would be really popular but weren’t? What videos were you surprised by their popularity?


    Marc & Priya


    Great challenge and great questions Marc!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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