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    We’ll be rolling out a new feature in UU+ very soon called UU+ Private Lessons. If you can’t make the 1-on-1 coaching because of the time difference, you’ll be able to book a short 15-minute private lesson with Aldrine. If this feature is popular, we’ll look to hire additional teachers that specialize in specific styles of music.

    We want to beta test the reservation system so if anyone is interested, please reply here and I’ll contact you for the beta process.

    Lessons slots will be available:

    9am – 12pm HST

    2:20pm – 4pm HST

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    I’m in UK so I am + HST +11
    Would be very interested in trying a Monday slot if one was possible.



    Hi Ryan. I’d love to try this out please. Friday afternoon HST is best (although I’ll be out on vacation this week).
    Would we still be allowed to join the group video coaching too? I like seeing how everyone’s progressing 🙂


    We’re planning to continue the weekly 1-on-1 sessions. This new service is just for people who can’t make the regular Thursday 1-on-1 coaching time, or are a little shy to get help in front of others.


    I would be interested in this once I get the proper equipment ie: mic and cam. Any suggestions for hardware from anyone would be great.


    Hi JT. I’ve heard the Snowball mic by Blue Designs recommended by loads of people, and a colleague got one the other day and sounded so much better on a video call:

    For webcam, I have a cheap Logitech C270 (HD) which is a bit old but still surprisingly high quality for the price. Any of their “C” range should be good.

    Hope that helps.


    Hey Ryan, I’m getting an invalid meeting code message when I try to click the 1-1 coaching link. Has it changed (or could be my user error).


    Ah, working now. Thanks!


    im interested


    Aloha everyone!
    Our first day of private lessons went well! I saw a lot of awesome and eager faces and made a lot of progress. Looking forward to seeing the next batch of students. If you’ve taken a private lesson via UU+, tell us about your experience and give us some feedback on how we can make it better/smoother. Thanks everyone!


    If you haven’t booked a private lesson yet, we still have a few slots available.

    Schedule a Private Lesson

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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