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    Aloha everyone!

    This one was a doozy. I accepted the challenge questions about using certain chord shapes to highlight melody lines and singers, and then the epic email from Alan Fasick. I thought I did okay haha. Let me know what you thought about the lesson and if there’s anything else that you guys want me to elaborate on.

    BTW I always have an awesome time getting to hang out with each and everyone of you. Talking shop is one of my favorite things to do, and you guys make it even better. Mahalo for tuning in!


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    I really enjoyed it. I learned somethings that I had wondered about but never new the answers. I have tried to figure out how to go between two keys and now I think I get it.

    I love you showing us different ways to play chords, Some times I wish you would show the fingering on a board because your fingers hide what you are doing. That is my only criticism.

    Aldrine, I met you in Tampa and consider you better than Jake for one reason. I love your singing. Your voice is so good. Putting your singing and playing together YOU ARE THE BEST.

    I did have a question totally unrelated that I was afraid to ask. It probably sounds like a stupid question. What do Hawaiians think of the song “I’ll remember you” sung by Elvis? Do you ever play it? I cord it and finger pick it in the key of “C”

    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    Thanks for taking the time go through all of my questions, and I’m glad to hear that other students found value in it as well. I’m going to have to re-watch the recording a few times for it all to sink in, but I feel I understand a little better what’s going on in songs when they don’t follow the typical chord progressions you come to expect.

    One thing I realized when re-watching it today is that looking at a circle of fifths diagram helps to understand the different resolutions: for example, the typical V to I or the vamp V to V to I resolution (D7 to G7 to C for example) is just going around the circle count-clockwise. In comparison, the IV to IV to I (Bb to F to C in the example) resolution is going clockwise around the circle to land back on the I. I think that’s one of the things I like about my favorite jam song, ‘Opihi Man, when it goes to the E7 to A7 to D7 to G portion — it’s just going around the circle back to G, creating a nice musical journey before coming back home.

    Oh, and I couldn’t think of it yesterday either, but I think “modulate” or “modulation” is the word you were looking for when talking about key changes?


    P.S. Can’t wait to hear you sing “Love On Top” today at the jam.


    Judgeuke – Yeah having the finger position on the fretboard would be awesome. Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of LIVE technology yet. We show my exact fingerings on the non-live videos. Also, “I’ll remember you” is a pretty popular song to play here in Hawaii amongst musicians. We have a chord melody version of it here on UU+. Also, mahalo for the kind words! Tampa was great! One of the few times I played solo that year haha. Hope to come back again if you guys would have me.

    Alan – I’m glad you liked it! I’m always stoked to be talking about music theory and trying to figure out ways to teach it without confusing too many people. I also love breaking down songs (especially Jake because I like to think that I usually know where he’s headed music-wise and familiar with his approach) MODULATE! YES! That was the word! Hahaha.

    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    So if you want to know how much I think about stuff like this, I was thinking about it when I woke up this morning — picked up my uke and started seeing how far I could go around the circle of fifths “backwards” (from VI to I ). I got to F# before my head started to hurt, then when I went back to Bb and started again through Bb, F, C, G, D I started to hear the words “Sun, Sun, Sun, Here is Comes…” (capo on the 2nd to get the key of the recording). I knew I’d heard it somewhere else — very interesting how we could go from talking about “Honolulu City Lights” to “Here Comes the Sun”.

    I think I like music theory because I love figuring out how things work. Maybe a bit too much at times, but I really get into it when you can turn around and then apply it to something.

    Good stuff.


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