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    Aloha everyone!
    What’d you think about this week’s live lesson? Did we answer their questions? Do you have any further questions?
    Loved getting to discuss the breakdown of songs. That’s one of my favorite things about music. Since music is such a personal thing, it kinda let’s us dive into the minds of geniuses just from analyzing their songs.

    What are some of your favorite tunes? What attracted you to that song?

    Let me know what you think! Looking forward to the next one.


    Alan FasickAlan Fasick


    I didn’t catch it until the replay, but I did enjoy your discussion about various artists and breaking down some of the parts of songs. For me, key changes are something that often catch my ear, but I’m the least comfortable with working them into my playing. Another topic that might be interesting is to break down some riffs or solos from a song and talk about how the notes were chosen from the underlying chords — this might go together with key changes because I believe at times is the underlying harmony that changes more than the melody itself.

    An example might be the last lines of “Honolulu City Lights” where they sing “Bring me back again” 3 times. The last time something changes that I can’t quite grasp — following a video from Harry Koizumi’s YouTube channel he uses Am7 to C for the first 2 times, but then Bb to F to C for the last? It sounds great, but I have no idea why it fits the key (or is it a key change to F and back?) All of the other chord sheets and arrangements I’ve used have it as a G7 to C progression for that line of the song (with no change on the 3rd time).

    After Jake’s workshop in Denver I’ve been thinking more about how he replaces chords with different substitutions to add color to the sound — on 5/26 he posted a video on FB with the following description: “What A Wonderful World – one of my favorite melodies. I usually play a D7b9 in the turnaround but played an Am instead. I think I like it. Eliminates the tension before going to the Gm7. I guess you could resolve chromatically back to the F by playing Am to Ab to G (Gm7) then Gb (tritone sub for C7) then resolve to the F. But the melody is so beautiful that it’s probably best to not draw attention away from the lead – at least for the first go around. I remember hearing Pat Metheny’s arrangement of Don’t Know Why. He plays the melody so beautifully. And for the most part, keeps the harmony pretty straight and simple – until the very last go around. Then he reharmonizes the mangoes out of that melody! It’s so awesome!!”

    Very fascinating, but only about half of that makes sense to me… =) Maybe you can make more sense of it?

    Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Just some ideas for discussion topics — I know everyone’s working on different things and I always get something out of the discussion regardless of what topics other students bring up.



    Challenge accepted!

    ……..challenge DONE!


    Thanks for those questions Alan. Those cleared up stuff in my mind and opened the cosmos! Aldrine had to finish with a haduken for that battle!

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