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    If you attended the live stream of Neal’s workshop, what did you think?

    We’re planning on having him back again but let me know if you have any feedback. I know we discovered after the stream that only one side of the stereo audio was going out, so this might be why it was so quiet for a lot of people.

    We’ll be posting the replay tomorrow, but if you were there, please share your thoughts.


    Other than the sound issues, I enjoyed it. These workshops are a great way to get another perspective on uke principles. Keep ’em coming.


    Excellent lesson!
    – Volume control was great
    – I had to look up
    – On the one I was expecting James Brown and some funk but Neal didn’t go there ?
    – Different positions on a keyboard was a great explanation


    It was my first ever lesson here at UU.
    I had trouble joining at first, but one I got there, all was brilliant.
    He was excellent and I will definitely try to attend his sessions I am based in Spain and the time difference means that most lessons happen in the middle of my night… :S

    Thanks for bringing him on!


    Excellent workshop! Thanks for bringing him to us!

    So Cal Jack

    Very nice workshop … Neil did a great job of keeping it at a level we could understand.

    I think Neil is one of the most passionate ukulele players out there … his recordings are unique in that he does not let time restraint of a song keep him from developing different phrasing and timing within a song. I would love to hear him teach on “adding emotion” to whatever song we are playing. So, just how does he remain so “laid back” and still get the punch of emotion to ring out from every song? In UU+ classes we’ve talked about phrasing and timing … all difficult concepts to teach. Perhaps Neil’s perspective would be a big advantage to us.


    Working on bringing Neal in to sub for Aldrine next week Thursday while the guys are in San Francisco.


    Where is it now? I’d love to watch it!!



    I had it in our live seminar replay’s category, but since he’ll be doing another workshop with us next week, I’ll be moving it to his own “Neal Chin’ Category soon.

    Neal Chin – How to Make a Song BIG

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    Thanks, Ryan!

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