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    Hey guys,

    I’ve been banging your site hard for the past two weeks. I’ve been attempting to assess my ability (after self teaching for a year) and determine what it is I should be working on and practicing. In some areas I’m a beginner (picking, techniques). In other areas such as the number of chords I know and chord change dexterity I’m more intermediate.

    Here’s where I’m thinking I should go next:
    1. Become proficient in all your beginner songs. These songs expose my weaknesses and what beginner items I need to be working on.
    2. Do the master the keyboard lessons until I get a firm grip on understanding my keyboard.
    3, Continue intermediate improvement system.

    Thoughts? Advice?

    Papa Chris


    Hi Chris,

    So sorry for the delayed feedback on your question. Aldrine might tackle your question in this weeks live lesson, but I just wanted to give you my take on it as well.

    The best way to get better quickly when learning new skills like this is to identify what you’re struggling with, then get input and feedback on how to fix it.

    It seems like you’ve already found out that the songs are exposing some weaknesses, so maybe you can make a list of techniques or things that are giving you trouble, then jump into the live 1 on 1 coaching with Aldrine so he can help work you through those pain points.

    This is the fastest way to improve, but its also the fastest way to burn out because of the fact that you’ll only be doing challenging things. So I think its important to also go back and occasionally play through things you’ve gotten the hang out just to remind yourself you’re making progress.

    I see that you already have a great practice log going, and this will help you be able to look back and smile at these challenges you’re experiencing now once you’re well past them.

    Best of luck, and hope to see you again in the live coaching this week!


    Aloha Chris!
    We’ll definitely have this as a talking point on Thursday. You’ve made some excellent suggestions for yourself. Going through the beginner lessons will definitely help. Getting over those weaknesses should be a priority. I would highly suggest the play alongs. Learn the tune and see if you can follow the play along. Then challenge yourself to see if you can play with the play along without looking at the screen. Try to get everything accurately. See how close you can play the tune exactly as we play it on the play along. If there’s a part that you notice that you have a hard time with or can’t seem to follow as well as you should, those are the parts that need more attention. Even if it’s just a 2 or 3 note part in the picking, see how clean you can play (make) it. Start out with easier tunes like “Wonderful tonight” or “knocking on heavens door” then branch out to others like “Europa” and “Hawaii 5-0” This means, learn the strumming and strum along to get the groove, then learn and play the picking while keeping the groove intact. Hope this helps!



    Thanks guys great advice! After looking at your suggestions (Wonderful Tonight and Heavens Door) I’ve exposed my next weakness. Rythem as in I have none. 🙂 I’ll begin working on these two songs and look at the beginner strumming lessons.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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