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    Hey Guys,

    since it’s almost Christmas, I thought we could do something different and special for the Songwriting Challenge. If you caught some of the last Live Lessons, you might have heard us talking about it, but I thought we could write personal songs for some of you. Leave a reply with some song trait suggestions: key, chords, style, theme, or making a reference to something, and I’ll write it on a paper. In a couple weeks (we’re taking a break for Thanksgiving), me, Aaron and Aldrine will put all your suggestions in a hat, and pull one for each of us. We’ll try our best to incorporate the selected suggestions into a song. We probably won’t be able to do everyone’s suggestions, but if you’ve ever wanted to see us write in a particular key or genre, now is your chance to see it happen.

    Also if anyone wants to try their hand at writing a song using someone’s suggestion, and they post a video here, or send us an email with it, we’ll enter them into a giveaway. I’m not sure what we’ll give away, but I’m sure we’ll find something good. This is probably going to be the last challenge for this year, so thank you to everyone who’s been participating in the Songwriting challenges so far. We’re always impressed by everyone’s songs. We have a ton of fun doing these challenges, and we we hope you guys have fun too. Looking forward to what you guys suggest!


    P.S. To give people an idea of suggestions, I’ll leave some. Feel free to use them to write a song. As long as you use one of the suggested traits in this thread (from anyone, not just me), we’ll say that you’re entered into the giveaway.

    Key of C (Am if you want a challenge)
    Chords: C, F, G
    Holiday Theme
    Reference to Home Alone

    Good Luck!

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    Slack key song on the unicorn about unicorns that can be sung to little kids by all of us. C scale open C tuning song. Simple melodic and easy to redo for us.

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    Joe GarciaJoe Garcia

    How about 12 bar blues? Key of A. Reference to winter.

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    A song that includes a honu (turtle).


    Key of G
    Low G Strings
    Lyrics about Ghosts and/or Gardening
    Include Ukulele Solo


    Low G
    Key of C
    Song about Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer as a difficult teenager
    inspires laughter

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    I made it simple and used Kahai’s challenge suggestion. I’ll Never be “Home Alone” on Christmas…

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


    Kahai!! I loved my Ghost in the Garden song thank you!!!! I’m excited to write one of these songs soon during holiday break and upload it.


    Hey Kawai,

    glad you liked your song. Sorry, I couldn’t record on a low G, and write lyrics. Maybe, I’ll come back one day, add a low G, and more of an Ukulele Solo. Good luck with your song, and Happy Holidays.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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