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    I’m not sure that I’ll keep a log here regularly unless there is some value to the teachers. I’ve been at it a few weeks. I am working my way through the courses, every day practicing what I have learned before – strumming, basic chords, keeping time with my foot, singing, listening to podcasts, playing along with jam sessions. For songs so far…from UU my main focus has been White Sandy Beach. Also playing along with Margaritaville. My nephew asked me to learn House of Gold, which isn’t too complicated but is way to fast for me at this point. Cowboy Junkies Angel Mine, simple song and good for practicing strumming and chord changes.


    Practicing Come and Get Your Love, learning how to do chunks.


    Working on 101 Week 3. Songs…White Sandy Beach, Margaritaville, House of Gold, Angel Mine, Who Put the Bomp, 9 to 5, You Were Meant for Me, Come and Get Your Love, Holiday Road. Mostly practicing switching chords cleanly, keeping time, strumming smoothly and strumming patterns. Listening to podcasts from beginning, on Episode 6 now; it is mostly music theory and while interesting it makes no sense to me yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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