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    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    I’ve been trying to simulate a Rhumba bass pattern feel on the ‘ukulele and wondering what ideas you have. Stuart Fuchs’ workshop covered something very similar (he called it something else that I don’t remember the name of) — he used the words PINEapple, PINEapple, APple to get the emphasis on the same beats.

    An example song of what I’m talking about is Ku’u Home o Kahalu’u:

    The bass is on beat 1, the & after beat 2 and beat 4. The way my guitar teacher teaches it, he uses the right-hand pattern: P m i, P m i, P m, which spaces out the bass notes played by P (thumb) between treble notes played with middle and index (m, i) or you could of course use ring and middle the same way (a, m).

    So the first part of the question is how would you approach playing ‘ukulele in a way to get this same feel? Or I guess I should also ask, would you try to play this on the ‘ukulele or play something different that fits with it instead?

    The second part is how would you teach it to someone who isn’t familiar with this rhythm and is more of a beginner player? Would you apply your new style of teaching and have them just feel it as you play?


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