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    On my Kamaka long-neck soprano I use D’addario custom extruded strings which work for me what are you opinions


    Anuenue black water strings on my K3 and Snail M3 tenors , lovely and bright


    When I purchased my Kamaka HF-2 Concert uke, I had the seller set it up with Martin M600 strings (for a lighter, easier action) which I really love. This required adjusting the nut to accommodate the thinner strings (the original strings were thicker). This is important to know when swapping strings out. Your uke was initially set-up for strings of a certain diameter (be they Aquila, Fremont, D’Addario, Martin, etc.). If you replace thicker strings with thinner ones (and you don’t adjust the nut) you may get buzzing. The reverse, and you may get bad tonality from the strings because the string may not be sitting in the grove of the nut properly.

    I’ve also used Worth Brown Medium and Living Water strings on my Kamaka and I’m going to eventually try Uke Logic strings as well. All of these strings are close in diameter to each other to the Martin strings I mention above. Of the three string sets I have tried so far, I prefer the Worth Brown Mediums the best. They have a warmer sound (to my ears) and they feel good when playing.

    Hope that helps.



    I’ll be the fanboy and say that my favorite strings are the AGxAQs. They are higher tension and slicker than the normal Aquilas. I’ve played with Uke Logic and I like them but I got the high tension and they were like cables. I’ll have to try their non-high tension and see if I like them. They slide super well and sound good though. Stick with Aldrine’s they seem to be the best of all worlds for me right now. I play them on both my tenor and my super concert.

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