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    I’m a grand father of 5. I’m realizing that this instrument in is like learning to speak. At the age of 2 children have a very limited vocabulary. My youngest grandson at the age of 2 years and a few days said the word “puzzle” yesterday as “Pudzul.” We all got what he said even though it wasn’t correct.

    I’m 2 years on this instrument. I can play Pudzul but not puzzle. Most people think I’m good; however, I am NOT good!

    Keep practicing every day. I love this simple but complex instrument.


    Last few week I’ve been learning to have different chord voices below and beyond the 4th fret. Ray has been encouraging me to learn a version of Sophisticated Hula. Very interesting and I like it.


    For those who liked the Ireland story I guess I should tell the New Zealand cruise balcony story. The wife and I recently took a 40th anniversary trip to New Zealand the entire month of December 2018. 10 days of this trip was a cruise around the South Island which ended up in Sydney Australia.

    On days at sea I’d sit on the balcony and practice. One day someone from another balcony yelled “play Blue Bayou!” Being a song I know I played and sang. Really a simple song. I played it, received applause from faces I couldn’t see then head “Play another!” from some other balcony God knows where.

    I ended up playing 10 to a dozen songs which I knew to applause from multiple faceless balconies. I’m not good by my standards but it was a very magical moment on the Tasman sea.


    I’ve been away for 3 years. During that 3 years I’ve played a lot with a local group in Tacoma WA. There are a few native Hawaiian people older than I (almost 64: Guess I owe you that song in a video) who began playing at the age of 6 in that group. Man!, have a learned a lot from them!!!! Beginning with all ukuleles should have a low G as it gives you an extra half octave and that Hawaiian sound when you want it (my new opinion).

    Took ability test upon rejoining:

    Dexterity in 30 seconds (true ability with clean notes):

    Dexterity snake: 2 and 2/3 with 4 glasses of wine in me
    Strumming: 32
    Picking: 82
    C Scale: 26 (think I can do better)
    Switching: 51 (If I practice C to G switching I can double that but why? Can currently do 4 cords in almost a second in chord switches I practice. try Love her madly by the Doors)

    My Last test 4 years ago 9/18/17 from my log and I don’t think I was perfectly honest:

    Worm 2.5 (Respectable; but I question if all on test one and all of test 2 are clean) My experience is that people, including myself tend to over rate themselves
    Strumming 20 ( I feel I over rated on 8/2) This 20 was solid. I found a mindset of speed makes a difference here
    Picking 55 (Solid improvement!)
    C Scale 6 (50% improvement. I had 3 misses I didn’t count)
    Chord switching 52 (Dramatic Improvement)

    I’m very happy to be back and will continue to post.

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Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)
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