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    Hey guys,

    at the end of this Week’s Live Lessons, we said that we’re going to post some links to videos that we think you guys should check out. We’ll try to talk about the videos during next Week’s Live Lesson.

    Aldrine’s Link:

    Aldrine’s recommendation is Jake’s video of him performing Kilauea. Aldrine is especially confused by Jake’s “Growl” at 1 minute and 40 seconds in the video.

    Mike’s Link:

    Mike’s recommendation is the Polyphonic Youtube Channel. It’s an interesting youtube channel that breaks down different music topics in video essays. The video above is their break down of why John Bonham from Led Zeppelin is such a good drummer.

    My Link:

    My recommendation is a video from Adam Neely. Adam is a bass player and Music Teacher like Mike. This is his latest Q+A video that covers some interesting topics. I think the last question in particular fits our topic discussion from this Week’s podcast.

    We hope you guy’s have fun checking these out, and if you have any recommendations for us, leave them below.

    -Kahai (UU Staff)

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