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    Hey guys! You know the drill. Sign up below to participate in this month’s open mic!

    What: UU Open Mic
    When: 1 pm HST Oct 25, 2017
    Link to Open Mic: https://zoom.us/j/4246877023 (if you are performing, please show up a little earlier so we can test your set up)

    Meeting ID: 424-687-7023

    See this forum thread for links to download the software we’ll be using for the open mic

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    Open Mic Canceled.

    Hey everyone, we didn’t get anyone signed up for the open mic this week, so I guess we’ll just take a break this month and try again next month.


    Hi Ryan,
    I would love to join the open mic, live and one to one sessions but unfortunately it is very difficult for me. The reason is that I am in Spain and that means there is a 12 hour time difference. UU sessions are always in the middle of the night for me (1:00 am) and I work weekdays.
    I was wondering whether anybody else is facing my issue and whether one day you could arrange a session at a reasonable time for us at the other side of our lovely planet 😀

    Thanks so much!


    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry! I did not notice an email – but did see that the 4th Wed is tomorrow (!!!)
    So i popped to the forum. I typically only visit the forum if I have a specific topic I’m researching – or if I see the email reminder about Open Mic.

    I’ll put a reminder in my cal to check here mid-month.
    Just as well (in my case), since I’d been out of town a bit for work (no uke) and am horribly behind on practicing.

    Joe Litton


    Ryan it would be nice if there were several different time slots for live training, one-on-one and live mics. On the U.S. west coast I often can’t get home on time to join. When I travel it become a whole new situation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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