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    Jason BoschJason Bosch

    Hello from Georgia. I’m a big music lover that has yet to be able to really learn an instrument in my 41 years on this Earth. For the past several years I’ve tried piano, as I love the sound and versatility of it. I haven’t had much luck beyond the basics however.

    I once tried guitar but gave up quickly due to the pain of holding chords on my left hand. I heard some ukulele covers of popular songs on YouTube with tutorials that made it seem as if I might have a decent shot of at least being able to play simple songs for fun with my family. I’m arriving at the same problems i had with guitar however.

    Years ago, I cut my index and middle fingers badly with a circular saw. My index was mostly severed and my middle was cut badly. I do mostly have use of them still due to the amazing surgeons I had. However, mobility and dexterity are lacking. My index is also more sensitive. I’m going to fight through the pain and hope calluses will help with that part. I’m also hoping to figure out how to work around my lack of dexterity and mobility in those two fingers. Only time will tell.

    Anyways, I’m sorry for the long intro. I hope I’ll be able to pick up some things here and make some progress. I would love to at least be able to relax and play some music. Here’s to trying.


    Hi Jason.
    Really sorry to hear about your accident, but glad that the surgeons were able to perform a small miracle.

    There are a few people here who struggle with dexterity so you’re not alone, and the way Aldrine teaches it is easy level first, then adding fancy bits for people who want more of a challenge, so it should work for everyone.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that if you’re struggling with pressing the strings, especially near the head of the ukulele (i.e. the first and second frets), then it might be worth lowering the strings a bit. This makes them easier to press, although might reduce the sound a little bit. I had this done the other day at my local uke shop. He cut the slots in the nut a bit deeper with a special file – only took about 10 minutes and it’s noticeably easier to play now.

    Hope that helps and welcome to the underground!

    Jason BoschJason Bosch

    Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement! So far, it’s not so much that the strings are hard to press, it’s just trying to get my fingers to to form the shapes necessary for chords like F and G. I’m sure it’ll come with practice. I just finished the second lesson and honestly found it harder to simply tap my foot and sing words at the same time. Once I sang, my foot rhythm completely fell apart. Haha! Thanks again!


    Oh yeah, I get that as well with some songs. I don’t have any solution other than slow it right down and gradually speed up. Anyway, good luck!

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