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    Hi Herbie from bromyard UK


    Hi, welcome!
    I am a recent joiner. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
    This is a brilliant place to learn 🙂



    My name is Angel and I am new to the Uke and UU. I’m from Southern California and I’m real excited about getting started here and hopefully making some beautiful music sometime soon! I just got my Kala Tenor from Ukulele Site and I’m ready to make this journey and meet my goals. I have some background in drums, percussion and bass but nothing like this tiny Uke I hold! Looking forward to learning and progressing together!



    hi iam new here as well, I am from North Carolina. please call me ann. iam a 54 year old lady who has fallen in love with the ukuelele


    Hi I’m Cindy from Australia. I’ve been playing the ukulele for about 2 years. I just joined UU in the hopes of learning new techniques and songs. My aim is to become a professional performer and songwriter. I have a soprano ukulele and my partner (who plays guitar) says he’s buying me a tenor uke for Xmas. I finished 5th grade piano years ago but haven’t had a chance to play because I don’t have a piano. I learned year of guitar years ago. I chose the ukulele because I wanted an instrument that I could carry around with me and sing with and play at the same time.


    Also, Aloha from me, here in snowy Germany. ?
    Got my first (Makala) ukulele in April and have been practising occasionally ever since (with some breaks, one of them in Hawai’i ? ).

    I love the website, the videos are very helpful. I’ve been making it super hard for myslef to learn an instrument, because I ‘had’ to have a pineapple shaped soprano, and the fret board is just. so. tiny !! ? I really enjoy learning from the videos, though, and am having a lot of fun.

    My biggest challenge (next to sorting out my fingers on the tiny narrow fret board) is trying to sing along, ‘cause I think it’s better to start singing along as early as possible, isn’t it ?!

    Aloha ??????? Ulla ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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