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    03 08
    Just played some songs. Work on imagine more and include roll in island style.



    Practiced waiting in vain, heaven and let it be with rolls.

      Practiced let it be with rolls and switching to fingerpicking in 60bpm. Build up to the same rhytm of the song.

    20 08
    Practiced Rolls extensively. Make a video of what I learned so far soon. Focus on point downward and flicking the wrist when strumming for a full clear sound.



    Practiced rolls , feel like I got the technique down. Try implementing in the cord progression I made.

    Still need some work on transitioning between fingerpicking and strumming, work up to 70bpm clean transition.

    Also practice waiting in vain by bob marley.

    This is main focus these days and I will have fun with the songs I know, but for now no more new stuff just this focus.


    26 08
    Practiced waiting in vain and a green day song.

    Upcoming time will be playing some songs. Might make a video of what I am still struggling with to see if I can improve, but also I will just have a fun with what I learned so far.



    Great practice session!
    – Practiced barre cords Bm7 and Gm7 in waitining in vain
    – Practiced rolls in Island Style 70bpm. Feels good, see if I can build this up to 90bpm, just like ‘let it be’.

    Will also work on the green day song’s fingerpicking.



    Played imagine, nailed it totally.

    Then practiced good riddence fingerpicking and cord switches and Island style with rolls in 80bpm, which went pretty good.

    One of the key thing to practice is to focus on one or two aspects at the time and let the rest go naturally, meaning not wanting to do too much perfect when learning new things.



    Practiced waiting in vain and stand by me play along. Goes fine, also try working on singing these lyrics and playing and singing at the same time! That’s goal for now. Check out a lesson on singing and playing at the same time.



    Making progress.

    Feel like I really got my basic strum down, nice loose and relaxed. Slow down the practice when it seems to go to fast.
    Practiced let it be with metronome 80bpm steady rhytm, rolls feel good. Also practiced fingerpicking Good Riddince, try speeding this up slowly and including the other cord progressions apart from the chorus.

    So for the overview I am working on the following:
    – Let it be: speed up slowly with steady rhytm and good form
    – Waiting in Vain: barre cords, singing and playing and rhytm
    – Stand by me: singing and playing, tapping foot and keeping rhytm (also watch the tutorial of this)
    – Island Style: including rolls, speeding up, keeping rhytm and form and including the fingerpicking riff
    – Heaven with steady rhytm in the foot tap



    Finished lesson 5 of ukelele 101, playing with others.

    Try recording own strumming pattern and playing along with different parts + uploading this. Also work on the songs and maybe do a little of lesson 6 every now and then to keep the progress going.



    Practiced Good Riddance, specifically focussing on the cord switches and landing my fingers at the same time. Pretty challenging on the G and cadd9.

    This will be my main focus upcoming times. Then when that goes right include the fingerpicking and gradually speed up once I got it.

    Oh yeah and before practicing a song just listen and feel the rhytm. Figure out in what speed it is etc.



    Also learned the first part of ‘love song’ by the Cure. Work on pinky mute and cord progression first, then the picking patterns.



    Practiced the Cure love song. Next time work on the pinky lift and practice Good riddince. Also try to play a song.

    I want to do 3 things:
    1. Learn something entirely new
    2. Practice something that is recently new and parts that I am struggeling with in songs
    3. Perfectionize some songs I can already play completely

    This is what my practice should consist of, starting tomorrow:
    – warmup song 5 min
    – new song/lesson practice 10 min
    – specific technique/song part practice 10 min
    – fintune some songs 5 min



    Played and practiced:
    – stand by me
    – Strumming pattern Love song and Pinky mute technique
    – Waiting in vain

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 71 total)
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