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    22 06

    Practiced 3 strumming patterns in 3cords.

    Work on the swing and flowing, not sounding robotic.

    Rhytm is good!!


    24 06
    Practiced 3 different strumming patterns in C F C G.

    Try adding a minor cord to see how it feels. Stick with these 3 strumming patterns and work on relaxing, flowing, finding the natural groove.. With ease!

    Then next lesson.



    Practiced leaving out 1 down strum and working on the swing in C F C G.

    When this rhytm/flow feels steady try leaving out more strums and changing cords. Then next lesson and learn a song!


    26 06
    Practiced leaving out 1 strum in C F C G and c a c g.

    Felt good and relaxed, though the swing can be difficult. Maybe check out the strumming course to fix this.

    In the meantime I will try this strumming sequence with different cords and try leaving out more down strums, using simple c a c g cord switches.


    27 06
    Practiced new strumming patterns, new cord switches and made my own song woo-hoo! Swing felt good, rhytm steady and form relaxed.

    Keys: ease into it, no need to press nor strum hard.

    Tomorrow record this and learn a beginner lesson song


    29 07
    Practiced the little song I made and swinging. Also recorded this for feedback, felt good. Though the swing can be a bit more consistent I guess. Form was nice and relaxed, maybe focus on tensing the muscles a bit less on left hand.

    Soo next time hopefully new song


    Practiced with Uke sitting on my lap, felt pretty good and relaxed actually.

    Just kept the same cords/strumming for now and try feeling out how I like to hold it and what strumming feels good.


    Uke sitting in lap feels comfy. Also tried curling in the finger and focused more on pointing downward, it helps with the volume!

    Try experimenting with different volumes and hand gestures next time to feel the difference. Also with uke sitting in lap and having it higher.

    Feeling the swing and groove is also much better, try it with some more advanced strumming as well once rhytm is good.



    Tried playing a new song. Stand by me (made easy)

    Include this in practice, but still main focus on strumming and holding the uke. Experiment, feel it out.


    Practiced new strumming pattern, still feels a bit uncomfy.

    Practice in lap feels good and point down also helps. I shouldn’t overthink these things really, when the groove feels right it’s good and then it’s fun as well.

    Don’t forget to have fun with it.. It is not about doing it perfect but also the joy of playing.



    Practiced everything I learned so far basically.. Went really well. Feel like I can slowly move on. Next time try playing a whole session with the fingers curled. I could pay more attention to note switches but it’s fine for now I guess.

    Relaxed, flowing, doing what feels natural is most important now.


    05 07
    Practiced everything so far.

    I wonder a bit of my arm is not out too much in front, can aks this in a new fb video too.

    So tmrow make video of me playing a self made song while it’s sitting in lap and with fingers curled and ask for feedback.

    Then learn a song and move or move on to the next lesson


    06 07
    Made 2 new strumming patterns and changed the cords. Also recorded this:

    Rhytm is nice and steady, strumming feels good and chord switches as well.

    Still try to focus on pointing downward a bit more with pointer finger and curling in fingers for more volume.

    Next time New lesson and/or song. I liked the fact that I make new things myself.



    Praticed some strumming. Things to focus on in the future:
    – pointing down and upward in strumming (flick tha wrist)
    – Experiment with curling in fingers

    Also practiced the song “island style”.


    09 07
    Practiced just some basic things. Not really feeling it today.

    Tomorrow new chances

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