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    Practiced major cords checks, switches and strumming on C, F and G.

    Note: keep the tempo slow and steady and schoulders relaxed.


    Practiced major cords switches and strumming on C, F and G in whole notes, half notes and quarter notes.

    Note: check posture every now and again and flick that wrist not the arm! Also keep steady tempo, using a metronome perhaps.


    Checked out ukuele 101 part 2. Learned:
    – how to tune the ukelele
    – how to play an A minor and D minor (Cloudy, nightly,, down, falling cords like)
    – DIfference between major and minor cords (happy, spring, uplifting, bright, outgoing) : listen!
    – Keep Rhytm consistent with a metronome
    – clean cord switches

    Work on: relaxed posture/strum, play the cords in the air, consistency, cord switches in quarter notes


    Practiced cord switches and strumming in quarter notes at 60bpm.

    Note: focus on one aspect at a time: strumming, cord switch, consistency and try mixing up the cord progression


    Practiced strumming quarter notes 60bpm, cord switches.

    Note: start consistent strumming in C and play each cord alone first, then do then in order, then reversed order and then free mix.

    This is practice for next 5 days and remember to breathe, listen and feel wat the cords do!! Don’t worry too much about doing it perfect.


    Yesterday and today practiced cord switches 60bpm. Feel like I can move on to 70bpm.


    Practiced cord switches at 70bpm, went fine!

    Note: there is no need to press very hard on the notes and think about the pill bottle and drying hands after washing when strumming. This helps. Also focus on breathing and feel free to pause on one note until I feel relaxed, breathe steady. Also take little breaks in between to make sure I am relaxed.

    Next time try 80bpm.


    06 06 20
    Practiced cords switches quarter notes 80bpm in one pattern. Next time mix it up.

    Note: take little breaks in between to notice posture, breathing, unnecessary tension. Also focus on pressing lightly and keeping everythingrelaxed, flowing. But Don’t overthink too much, just flow and have fun.


    06 06 20
    Practiced cord switches 60 and 70bpm.

    Focus on G major and D minor cord landing all fingers and try 80bpm next time.

    Also remember: slow and steady progress wins, better to give 70% and be consistent and with good form and while it’s fun! No need to rush or beat anything.


    08 06 20
    Prscticed cord switches 60, 70 and 80bpm.

    Feel like I can move on to the next lesson. But keep in mind; posture, breathing, relaxe and take little breaks to see how I feel in between



    Watched ukelele 101 lesson 3.

    To do this week:
    – Practice Down-up Rhytm in 60, 70 and 80 bpm + make a video (focus on the swing)
    – create 3 new strumming patterns and practice them in 3 cords
    – Practice Air cords
    – Make video of me strumming the patterns with at least 3 cords and upload for feedback.



    Practiced down up strumming 70bpm, tried making a video.

    Focus on point downward in down strumd and adding a swing to it. I don’t think I should worry too much about doing it perfect.



    Practiced down up strums 70bpm and uploaded the homework video.

    Some new tips:
    Stare/concentrate at 1 point
    Focus on hitting the down strums and syncing foot and hand on the ups.
    Straighten the wrist a bit and point downward

    Keep it up!


    20 06
    .practiced down up strumming 70bpm. Strumming goes fine, maybe look at relaxing wrist a bit more and a little less static.
    Try different cord switches, include D.


    21 06
    Down up strums felt really good! Steady rhythm, loose and relaxed.

    Tried leaving out the 2nd down strum, feels good.

    Practice 2 more strumming patterns together with cord switches and make. New video for feedback. At least a few more days before next lesson.

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