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    I have a Fender Tenor Uke, I’d like to tune to a Low G. Have never done this. I saw a video where a guy suggested the best thing to do is to string it with a guitar D string as opposed to an Aquila red low g because it will last lots longer. In another blog, I read, the guy said you may have to adjust the bridge or some such thing if you tune to a low G because of the string size, and once you go there, you can’t ever go back..

    Any thoughts on this?


    I have several tenor ukuleles that are tuned low G. On my Kanilea and Mya-Moe, the 4th string is carved a different size at the nut than the 1st string. It’s closer to the 3rd string in size. At Mya-Moe, in their discussions, they confirm that the instrument can be strung with a High G or Low G.

    If you’re a stickler for precision and used a compensated saddle, you might have to change it, but most ukuleles don’t have compensated saddles. If you did need to adjust the nut for a Low G string, and when you went back to high G you had some issues, there are a variety of quick fixes. Heck, you could buy a new nut for $4 and refit it. So the idea that you can’t ‘ever’ go back’ is wrong.

    You have to consider that many string sets are very different sizes. If you use Fluorocarbons strings (eg. Worth Brown), they are narrower than the Nylgut (Aquila) which are narrower than Nylon (D’Addario Pro-Arte). The Southcoast strings are narrower on the 2nd and 3rd strings than normal fluorocarbon. The nut is typically not carved to a particular string set. They are not that precise. I have a Cordoba 35 and at Kanilea that have been strung both ways with no issues.

    A Nylon Low G string will be fat and may require adjusting the nut. Fluorocarbon and Wound not so much in my experience.

    I’m not a fan of the Aquila red low G. The one ukulele that I had with the red never seemed to stay in tune and broke abruptly after a couple of weeks. The problem with the guitar D string is you get that ‘squeak’ when you slide across it. Polished wound 4th string like the Fremont Soloist, or Oasis low G are much less squeaky.


    I thought tenor ukuleles are all designed to handle a low G. Granted, I have one with a high G on it because it was strung that way when I got it…


    All tenor ukulele’s can be strung up with a low G.
    With that being said, I currently have a low G on my Martin soprano. The vintage tone is even better with some nice low ends coming form the low G.
    The only trouble I ran into was the slot at the nut for the thicker string. I have widened the slot for the low G but didn’t find any difficulties going back to high G afterwards.


    I put a Low g on my travel Ook because it sounded really bad with a high g. The problem I have is the stress that the the bigger diameter string causes the neck to start to bow/warp if I don’t loosen the strings between use. On a higher quality Ook this is probably not a problem.


    I have a Low g on my travel Ook because with the high g this Ook sounds really bad. The problem is that I have to loosen the strings between use or the neck will bow/warp because of the increased tension with the Low g

    Sorry this was submitted twice.

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