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    Android app is now live ! (thought not showing up in the search for some reason) Download it here:



    So here is my bug report in the app. Everything seems to work fine for me with the exception of clicking on any of the Live Stream links. Let me point out that I’m already logged in at this point, but when I click on any live stream image, I immediately am given the pop-up log in window with my information already filled in. However, I’m never able to get to any live stream. I just see the log in window. I click on it and nothing happens. Hope that makes sense.


    I’m seeing an apparent bug with the sound from videos embedded in your iOS app running on an iPhone XS. The video renders and the sound sliders appear to be showing sound (was not showing “mute”) but no sound is playing.

    I also confirmed the audio wasn’t being routed through an unheard wireless speaker, AppleTV, etc.

    Fred Zelders

    I am running iPadOS (iOS13) public beta 5.
    Not able to run the app. As soon as the app is launched the app crashes.

    Fred Zelders

    Hope you will be able to fix the UU app before launch:
    – iOS13 will be released on september 19th
    – iPadOS will be released on september 30th

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    If your still looking for beta testing, I am open to provide feedback if you still need it.

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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