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    Hi everyone. we’re looking for some beta testers for our UU+ mobile app that we’ve been developing. Specifically looking for people with iPhones and android tablets and phones. Please let me know if you’re able to help us by replying to this. I’ll reach out and send you an invite.

    If you have previous beta testing experience that would be very helpful, but anyone who is willing to play with the app and write down things that bother them or that are confusing would be a big help as well.

    Thank you


    Hey Ryan,

    Eleanor and I would be happy to help you guys out. We don’t have beta testing experience, but we can certainly tinker around in an app and let you know what works and what doesn’t. We have an iPhone and an iPad to test it on.

    Let us know,

    Anton S.

    I can help out too. I have some beta testing experience for Memrize app.
    I’m using my android phone now but have access to older iPad mini and iPhone SE.



    Hey Ryan,

    I have an iPhone and would love to help out.


    Rob Wallace


    I would be happy to help out I have no experience beta testing before but would love to poke around.



    i’m on an iphone xs max viewing the site right now! i don’t really have the time or ability to pull out the computer to practice or use the site as much as i would like, so a mobile app could be great for me!


    I can do some android testing. I have a lot of Samsung Tablets. I also have an android phone. Haven’t had time to join any lessons but I can play around with an App while I take breaks from writing my dissertation.

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    What is the preferred way to give feedback?

    Anton S.

    I think you should post it in the thread so others can read and confirm. But I’m not sure if that should the the thread for comments on testing.

    Anton S.

    I’m testing on Android so far and the app looks nice. I ended up mostly watching the lessons than testing the app – it is more enjoyable than to watch lessons on website with mobile.

    The only issue I found so far is that a bunch of pages don’t load. For example the pages with duos in misc and diy category don’t load any data.
    There was also the video missing(or the link to video is wrong) “4 non blondes” what’s up song in the “songs made easy” (says video not available, but the page with data is loaded). All of the above are present on the website but not in the app version.


    I have an iphone and I would like to be a beta tester for the mobile app.


    Hey, if love to help out! I’m running Android. I used to work as a Quality Assurance Engineer for mobile apps.

    Peter Vadon

    Hi Ryan,

    I have iPhone (SE and 8) and an iPad mini to help testing.


    kapuna kev

    Count me in! I have an iPhone XS Max and would love to help out.


    @kerneltime The preferred way to give feedback would be here in this forum thread. This is the first version of the app, so it won’t have all the features we want just yet. our main focus was to create something that allowed UU+ members to watch our videos easily on their phone without having to navigate through a website.

    We’re primarily looking for bugs, but if you do have feature requests / ideas, please post them here too so we can try to address them in future builds.

    Thank you!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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