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    Thanks Kahai for posting this. We’ve had fun listening. Great songs. Big thanks to Jordan for putting it all together. Quite an undertaking!
    Chris and Sue


    I had real fun with this. Of course, I had try my hand at ___ V I chord progression Mad Lib. I don’t remember ever playing, much less writing, a song that didn’t start with the root note. I tried playing around with VIIdim V I,, and with the IV V I it sounded like the SOng that would never actually start… so remembering all the talk about learning to walk before you chew gum, or something like that, I looked to the inspiration for the Blank and went with the walk of the jazz progression.

    I’m also in the midst of week 3 of Ukulele 102, practicing my minor scales a lot, so that explains why the little solo bits are so “scaly”.

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    We really enjoyed the Mad Lib challenge. We chose the ___ V, I progression in the key of C and filled the blank with an Em. As expected, it was difficult starting on the minor 3rd chord instead of the one chord. In order to resolve back to the minor 3rd, we ended each phrase with a Gmaj7. At the end of the song, we landed on a Cmaj7. We didn’t write any lyrics this month, but we collected pictures of our daughters’ dogs and put everything together in a music video. Our oldest daughter came up with the Mad Lib title. Here’s the link on Google Drive.


    ROFL 😂
    Sounds great

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    These were great! Enjoyed the music! I have NO CLUE how to put together a video montage like these. Chris and Sue, Mike watched with me. We both thought the tan dog with the curved tail looked a lot like one of our dogs, Pua Joko, loved the takes from the Pride parade. Where was that? And were these dogs yours, videos you have shot, or random?

    I have not had time to write anything this month and am preparing to head to Hawai’i on Monday. Maybe I will get inspired while there.

    Aaron, loved your local boy song last week. You come up with da best lyrics! No ka oi!

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    We’re glad you all enjoyed “My Dog Has Zzzzz.” We recorded four tracks in Garage Band playing baritone, high-G tenor and low-G tenor. We used an Apogee Mic+ USB microphone connected directly to our Mac. We imported the photos and videos into iMovie along with the soundtrack from Garage Band. Have fun in HI We’re jealous. We were there once on business 40 years ago, but haven’t been back since.


    Great song! It has such a catchy groove. You can’t help going away humming the song,


    Great to see all these fun pieces. Here is Hamsini’s:



    That was awesome Hamsini! We were hoping we would get to hear another song from you this month. We’re very impressed with your long pinky finger stretches. The upbeat tempo sounds so happy. It left us smiling.

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    So creative, Hamsini! well played! I wish I had started playing when I was your age. You will be phenomenal! Maybe another Brttni Paiva!


    Love it!! Great work Hamsini


    Songwriting Challenge #28

    Use either or both of these mad libs and fill in the (Blank)
    On the (Blank), We do it (Blank) Style

    Chord Progression Prompt:
    I (Blank) V

    Soft Deadline: June 3rd


    Hey guys
    Here is my entry for the song challenge.
    I really enjoyed watching Jim’s gifts a couple of days ago and all the Aussie (Ozzie) banter!
    … And while it doesn’t really fit in “on the blank we do it blank style”… It is more inspired by on the island we do it island style Being about Hawaii.. (mine is about Australia)
    Let’s say on the toast we do it vegimite style hahah
    So that’s the link….
    I didn’t use the chord progression sorry I find sometimes songs will not be told what to do no matter how hard I try😂
    I hope you enjoy it it was fun for me

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s


    Maybe I could learn to play the gum leaf before I record it 😂


    Hey Kathy,

    great job! I feel like your song should be “On the ISLAND, we do it ISLAND style.” I feel like the way ISLAND is capitalized should reflect how large the Island is. After last week’s Jam, Jim sent us a link to a video of a Goanna’s song where they use a didgeridoo in it, so it would be awesome if you used the gum leaf. Kind of like the lagerphone, my dad actually has a washtub bass. Goes to show you that you can make an instrument out of anything. I think it’s good that you didn’t try to force the chord progression in your song. We’d much rather you make a song that you like instead of it fitting the guidelines exactly. I know Andrew Huang has said that you should let the song tell you where it wants to go. I totally agree, and think that’s a better way to write songs. Again, awesome job.


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