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    Songwriting Challenge #25

    Make a Theme Song

    Make a Theme Song for The Ukulele Underground Podcast

    Suggested Chord Pattern:
    I ii IV
    A Bm D (Key of A)
    G Am C (Key of G)
    F Gm Bb (Key of F)
    C Dm F (Key of C)

    UU Team Due Date: January 28th
    Viewer Submitted Songs Due: February 11th


    Newbie question: Do I post my song as a YouTube video here? Thanks!


    Hey Rhea,

    that is how most people post their song submissions, but you can also email it to us at or send us a link in a message by clicking on this icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen:
    intercom button

    . We look forward to seeing what you come up with.



    Thanks, Kahai! OK, a couple of other questions:

    – I noticed that your last song didn’t use ukulele — so it’s OK to use other instruments instead of ukulele?
    – I couldn’t find the other participants’ videos of previous songwriting challenges, except for Kevin (with his country-influenced song on the moon) on this songwriting thread. Where can i find them> Were they submitted straight to your email?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Kevin: That was great! Loved both the strumming and the singing. How did you come up with the melody?


    Hey Rhea,

    for my last song I actually didn’t have a great mic to record my uke, so I used my electric guitar with a capo on the 5th fret (the tuning is the same as a uke, but with a couple extra strings). You can use whatever you want (we like to see people using uke, but it’s not required). I compose songs using my computer, so I usually end up using a combination of virtual instruments and real instruments.

    Some people do submit their songs directly to us. Some people are shy, and don’t want their songs to be publicly seen. Other people just find it easier to email us. As long as you can get your songs to us, we count them as song submissions.



    Dear All

    Here is Hamsini’s tune for the challenge #25.


    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    The New UU Podcast Theme Song. An update of my TLL theme song from last year.

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    So pretty!!


    Love the here’s the guys hahah

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    Thanks, Guinea Pig Girl (whoever you are).
    Robb the Uke Guy


    That’s awesome that “the guys” used your song for their podcast. That should become permanent. Great singing and playing! Chris and Sue

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    Why, thank you, Chris and Sue! When are you going to post your videos so that we can see you? And please put in a good word with the guys for keeping my theme song….


    Will do. We don’t feel very confident playing in public. Friends have suggested that we play at a local open mic. We told them we’re not ready for open windows yet! Our neighbors are hunters and if they hear us they might declare open season on ukuleles : ( Maybe someday we’ll work up the courage.


    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    Hi Rhea!

    Thank you! That’s a good question. I’m pretty new to this song writing thing. In short, I started with the chord progression, then wrote the lyrics, then played with the lyrics until I had a melody that sounded good. Glad you enjoyed it.


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