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    Songwriting Challenge #29

    Write about Food

    Make a “Happy” minor Song, or a “Sad” Major Song
    Key of F

    Chord Prompt Suggestions:
    I IV V
    F Bb C (Key of F)
    Dm Gm Am (Key of Dm)
    Fm Bbm Cm (Key of Fm)

    Soft Deadline:
    July 15th

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    Hello all

    Here is Hamsini’s piece for the current challenge.



    Another beautiful song. Makes us hungry for chocolate.

    Chris and Sue


    We finally finished our song. It’s called “Lobstah Fest.” What we had in mind was a New England lobster/clam bake on the beach in Maine. We also envisioned the seagulls and other birds flocking around the lobster boats when they return with their catch to the pier. The song is basically in F minor (we think) with a happy melody.

    Link to “Lobstah Fest” on Google Drive:


    I love it!!!!


    Songwriting Challenge #30

    Write an Intro Theme Song

    Bonuses (Optional Prompts):
    90’s TV Show Intro
    Key of D

    Chord Prompts:
    I V vi IV
    D A Bm G

    I V
    D A

    UU Team Deadline: September 16
    Members Deadline: September 23

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    I did this to avoid practicing the more difficult stuff I’m trying to learn… I want to redo it with less buzz from the uke…. But it’s 0:56 in length, key of D, and it covers two ukulele themes in one!

    (D)If you’ve been wandering [A]around
    [Bm]the world of music trying to [G]find your own sound, well
    [D]Sometimes it [A]helps to have some [G]friends. [G]

    YOu don’t even have to leave your hometown
    You can find them at the Ukulele Underground
    Soon you’ll be singing to the Seasons
    of the Ukulele
    to the Seasons of the
    to the Seasons of the


    Here is the link to our UU Intro song writing challenge on Google Drive:

    We basically followed the D, A, Bm, G chord progression. We used our usual high-G and low-G tenors plus baritone.

    Chris and Sue


    Hello everyone

    Here is Hamsini’s submission for the current challenge.


    Another great song. It sounds very happy. Thanks Hamsini. We love it.

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    OK, folks, with great submissions by Joko, Chris and Sue, and Hamsini, guess I will have to write something.


    We would love to hear another submission from you. Your last intro was great. By the way, we really enjoyed your Springsteen song for the open mic ?


    Hey Chris and sue I love that end!!!


    Thanks. We’ve been working on artificial harmonics. Would love to redo the song with a little percussion and perhaps up the tempo.

    Robb MapouRobb Mapou

    Late entry. Busy week. New UU Theme Song.

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