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    Hey Guys,

    here is the next Live Lesson Challenge:

    Since we liked the last challenge, we decided to do it again, but a little harder. This time you have to have two Major chords and one minor chord in your song. Also the song has to be in the Key of D (D Major, E minor, F# minor, G Major, A Major, B minor, C# diminished).

    We put in some new bonuses this time: in the style of the Beatles, Fast Chord Changes (after 1 or 2 beats), and incorporating this riff:

    We also have the regular bonus of writing lyrics to your song. Like always, the bonuses are just extra challenges we think would be fun, so they’re not required to participate in the challenge. If you want to enter the challenge, and possibly win a prize, all you have to do is write a song in the key of D with two Major chords and one minor chord. It can be just you strumming. We always get some awesome songs, but we don’t want people to feel like they need to write something super complex just to participate. Since Aaron is going to be away from the office for a few weeks, the deadline for this challenge is 4 weeks from now, so June 27th.

    We hope you guys have fun with this one. For the last challenge, I talked to Alan about posting my progress with my song, and letting you guys see how I try to work something out. I’ll try to post my progress here, so if anyone need helps with the song challenge, or has any questions, just leave a reply, and I’ll try to get back to you.


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    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    I ended up coming up with some ideas while we were coming up with the challenge, so I thought I’d better get my ideas down before forgetting them:

    A little rough, but hopefully I’ll have time to refine it and post an updated version in a few weeks. I’m finding that the act of recording these helps a lot because I go back and listen to them, the better parts get stuck in my head and I expand on those ideas.

    Looking forward to what everyone comes up to — these have been a lot of fun!



    Hey Alan,

    that was great. I liked how you started with the riff, and then it felt like you morphed it into a Ka`au Crater Boys picking. I’m excited to see where you take it from here.

    I think I have to start noodling and playing around, and save them too. I kind of feel disappointed when I start a song, but I don’t finish it, and the next time I think about writing a song, I feel myself get psyched out because I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to leave it unfinished. I should try, and just save all those little bits anyway. It’s probably better to try and give up on a song than to psych myself out of even trying. You never know if those little noodles might lead to a full song, and if they don’t, you might come back to them in the future, and flush them out then. I have to get over the idea that every song idea is precious. Some work and some don’t, but they all lead to your overall experience.

    I started my song yesterday too. My idea is to actually sample the live lesson when Aldrine played the riff, and use the sample to make all the instruments for my song. I worked on it a little last night, and I did try to record me playing around with the sample, but I don’t think it recorded the audio, so I have to try again. I’m looking forward to working on it, and I think posting my progress will keep me on track.


    I finally got around to doing more work on my song

    Kevin BayeKevin Baye

    Well, here is my submission for the Live Lesson Challenge. It’s my first attempt at writing a song and one of my first time trying to sing and strum at the same time. This is the second time that I’ve recorded myself on video (still uncomfortable in front of the camera).. It’s a little rough, but I’ll keep practicing. Hope you enjoy.

    (Destiny) The Only Word (Key of D)

    Intro – instrumental (picked 1st three strings): [G] [Em] [D] [A]

    Verse 1
    I [G] don’t believe in magic
    and there’s [Em] no such thing as fate
    but the [D] moment that our eyes met
    it’s like [A] destiny was paved

    The [G] honeymoon may be over
    but our [Em] love’s still going strong
    we share [D] everything with each other
    was it [A] destiny all along?

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Chorus x2
    I’ve [Em] fought the demons in my head
    they [G] pushed me to the very edge
    but [D] you taught me how to love myself
    and [A] backed me off that ledge

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Verse 2
    Now [G] we’re growing old together
    I’ll [Em] never forget the day we met
    you’ve [D] taught me how to truly love
    yeah, [A] destiny’s the word that fits

    I’ll [G] love you past forever
    you [Em] have become my world
    I can’t [D] imagine a day without you
    [A] destiny’s the only word

    Instrumental (strummed): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]

    Chorus x2

    Outro Instrumental (strummed, fade): [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus4] [G] [Gsus2] [D]


    Waimanalo Rainy Days.


    Hey Kevin and Kawai,

    great job! Kevin, you did amazing for your first challenge. It’s cool that you wrote lyrics for your song. I’m terrible at lyrics, so whenever someone does it for the challenge, it always amazes me. Kawai, you always write cool songs for the challenges. I really liked how simple this one is, and the Gb and A7 transition chords are nice touches. You probably already tried this, but you can also substitute the Gb with a Gminor. It keeps that melody note step down on the A string that you were doing with the Gb, but it adds a little different flavor. Again, both of you did an awesome job. Keep it up!


    Nice work everyone!!! I’m 4 episodes behind, trying to catch up. Kevin, your first attempt writing a song? Nice job. I thought the lyrics were fantastic!

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