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    Hey Guys,

    this challenge is a little different from usual:

    Like all the other Live Lesson Challenges, we gave a key: G, and we set the required chords: 2 minors and 1 Major, but this time we thought we would we would have the bonus challenge of writing a song with the theme of Love/Heartbreak. I know for me, sometimes deciding what to write about is the hardest part, so hopefully having a theme will help some people with starting to write a song for the challenge. You can take the bonus challenge anyway you want to: just Love, just heartbreak, or Love and heartbreak. Also, if you want to not write a song with the theme of Love/Heartbreak, you can do that too; it’s just a bonus challenge. We also have the bonus challenges of a key change, and a False End. If you don’t know what a False End is, you can watch this video for inspiration:

    Here’s the TLDR version of the challenge

    Key of G (G, Am, Bm, C. D. Em, F#dim)
    2 minors chords and 1 Major

    Love/Heartbreak Theme
    Key Change
    False End

    For me, Aaron and Aldrine, our challenges are due July 25th (hopefully the dog doesn’t eat our songs again), and for you guys, it’s one week later: August 1st. Looking forward to what everyone come up with. GLHF


    Alan FasickAlan Fasick

    Aloha UU ‘Ohana,

    Last week while chatting with Uncle Led on his morning live stream the idea of writing a song about the waves crashing on the beach came up. At first I was more focused on the literal sound of the waves and not coming up with ideas I was happy with, but while experimenting with some different chord progressions for this song writing challenge I started getting the feeling of sitting on the shore watching the waves coming up and down. Here’s a first take at it — what image comes to mind for you?

    Chords used: G, C, D7, Am, Bm with some extensions from the open strings.

    Now to work on some more variations of the theme…



    Hey Alan,

    I don’t think I need to say it, but great job! How you go down the neck and back definitely brings the images of the tides coming and going for me. It also reminds me of this song too:



    Hey Kawai,

    great use of your prize! The only thing is I wish you had wrote the song while we were eating ramen.

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