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    I was greatly privileged to have met Willie K and heard him play live, even super close and personal!!. With no idea who he was we went to Kimo’s (Lahaina) on a Friday night. When the larger than life personality smoothly rolled from traditional, to rock, to blues, to jazz, to “Jawaiian” to opera I realised how much potential existed in the small instrument. I immediately went on a search and was delighted to discover that I could buy a ukulele exactly like his, from the designer (Avi Ronan of Lahaina Custom Guitars) and more excited when it was hanging on his wall and I asked if it would be possible to get Willie to sign it… ( fanboy 🙂 ) He sent me off to Mulligans on Blue a few days later, and I met with Willie and asked for the signature. He asked if he could play the uke “Hell Yeah!!!” I didn’t know that he had forgotten his own instrument that night!!!! So here he is doing some of his set with “my” Willie K Custom. ( Note that this was pre-Kanile’a and the beautiful Willie -K 5 string Custom Super tenor.

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