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    So – the “Russian Piano Player” — I spoke with my lifetime friend that was with me at this concert in the distant past (and in fact bought the tickets). He wasn’t Russian — just “weird” — His name is Keith Jarrett, and he is from Allentown Pennsylvania — but his parentage is Slovenian/ German. He has perfect pitch… He was part of the Miles Davis group 1968-71 (alternating with Chick Corea) and although he played electric organ (Hammond), and Rhodes is a vehement opponent of any electronic or “electrified” musical instruments. Wikipedia notes several of his idiosyncrasies — like the grunting but doesn’t specifically mention his ability to concisely play extraordinary long phrases of Hexi demisemiquavers in his improvisations. Of his composing — and we heard only 2 pieces which were obviously “organic compositions” (see the note below) … ….. Jarrett has commented that his best performances have been when he has had only the slightest notion of what he was going to play at the next moment. He also said that most people don’t know “what he does.” which relates to what Miles Davis said to him expressing bewilderment as to how Jarrett could “play from nothing.” Indeed, at his concert the audience was bewildered!

    One album, The Köln Concert, released in 1975, became the best-selling piano recording in history. The Köln Concert is a live recording of solo piano improvisations performed by Keith Jarrett at the Opera House in Cologne (German: Köln) on 24 January 1975. (Also recorded in Wikipedia) Some musicians are for inspiration, not necessarily for emulation… 🙂

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