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    I’m still pretty new to Ukulele so I’m still just fiddling around with all the basic goodness. The long and short for why I’m learning to play is because I simply want to jam again, I played a different instrument in my high school band many years ago and i’m just missing the sensation of playing music and I’ve always adored the sound of the ukulele and figured that would be an excellent place to start! Wish me luck! <3

    For yesterday’s practice I spent an hour reacquainting myself with my uke and some of the notes that I’d learned previously, as well as various strumming patterns. (I started learning about a year ago, but then I broke my hand then had additional surgeries so I had to start fresh again. >.<“)

    For today I’m working on learning to play Stephen Speak’s Out of my League via UU’s Uke lesson 19 video. So far so good, however I notice that i have trouble with keeping my fingers arched so i’m working on that so as to decrease the buzz when i try the first note of the finger picking section. My hands are pretty small so instead of putting my ring finger on the third fret of the last string I’ve been using my pinkie because it is a little more comfortable. Is this an okay thing to do or will this mess up my technique in the future?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    here is the link for the video if you need the reference:

    (Admin. if me posting the link is not okay I can remove it if you’d like, just let me know! Thanks!)


    Aloha Kita!
    Posting that link is fine. No worries. As far as using your pinky for the A string third fret, it’s okay as well. It’s the same finger position as if you played F7 (2313) so it’s not like you’re playing something out of the ordinary. So keep up the good work!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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