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    We started our first 2 lessons today. Specifically We’re starting with the “minutes” beginner’s 3 lessons then we’ll move into to the UU official courses.

    We had a rough spot or two, but we figured out how to string together a few chords to make a fun little tune. On the strumming side, mom is getting a nice clear sound but when the strumming picks up speed her pointer gets stuck. Daughter is still pursuing a clear strum. Both will need to work on quicker chord transitions but that comes with time. All in all, a good first day!


    Great! Good to hear. Make sure that mom’s fingers are just grazing the strings on her strumming hand and not digging into the sound hole too much. You’ll get less stuck this way. Have fun!


    Week one was a success! We adopted a new member (a son – Xander) and now have a band of 3 jolly fellows! We have made it through the 100 series, all of the beginner “minutes” sessions and the first two chord essentials classes. It’s amazing how just a little bit of daily work pulls things together.

    Mom – Clear notes and accurate strumming are making for some nice sounds; but chord transitions are a bit of a difficulty, and my arms are so long; I can’t support the uke under my arm so when I switch chords, I sometimes lose hold and it causes some micro second delays on the switch that are making it difficult to keep it clean during the faster transitions (like a quarter note each).

    Daughter – Can switch most notes pretty quickly (all but the G7 chord) sometimes I miss beats when I strum and my little hands sometimes make it tough to get clear notes out of each string.

    Son – Has spot on chords and is the quickest of us all at learning the chords; but could use some work on strumming.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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