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    Welcome to UU+! Please feel free to introduce yourself in this section. Let us know why you started playing the ukulele and what kind of goals you have!

    Joe Pringle


    I’m Joe Pringle 54 years old from Scottsbluff NE. and started playing a little over 9 months ago (9 months, 7 days, 4 hrs. and 53 sec to be exact, but whos counting LOL), my wife bought me my first ukulele a “Makala”, out of blue for my birthday and I haven’t put it down since, I have been a UU+ member since March 2017.

    Last year we went on our vacation to Reno NV and before we left she “Googled” the entertainment, a band called “EVERTT COAST” and immediately fell in love with their music. They have several songs played on the ukulele and a re-make of their hit “Hay Hay California” into “Reggae California” Well that’s enough about me. Thanks For All You Guys Do “Rock on and Inner Peace to You All”.


    Aloha all,
    I’m Jim from Aus … 🙂 Well Brisbane for the last 30 or so years, but lots of other Aussie towns beforehand. I started playing piano at age 6, learnt classical, had the essential band experience (country/rock/jazz/dance/popular) and learnt more from playing with other musicians than I ever did as a formal student! In 2011 we visited Hawaii (second time) and my wife was keen on me taking up ukulele, me “not so excited”.

    On a rainy day in Hilo ( where it never rains …. a little, LOL) we walked into Hilo Guitars and met Ken Cameron. A gorgeous Kanile’a K1 tenor took up residence and I have now been afflicted with UAS adding a Keli’i tenor, Islander by Kanile’a Pako (bass), Oscar Schmidt 5 string Willie K custom ( after seeing him perform with it), Islander Concert, an antique Arthur Godfrey Tenor and from my last trip a Kanile’a Baritone and I am waiting for delivery of a Kanile’a Super Tenor that is being held to ransom by customs 🙂 ( I think they are playing it….)

    I love all styles of music and have been privileged to play with some great local musicians which dragged me into improving my skills for stage performances on ukulele. During 2015 I played with four great female vocalists in Kine Kool Band, but like most large groups we have moved on. I also was extremely honoured to host Aldrine and Aaron for Brisbane Spruke 2015, and got to jam a little (and learn a lot), and Aldrine joined Kine Kool on stage for a couple of songs. I love UU+ which allows me to take “bite size” doses of improvement ideas and use them in my style of songs – always something new to learn.

    I also sponsored a music therapy program at a homeless shelter and with a local professional musician lead/coach/teach/perform (a little) every fortnight. Its great to be able to take the pleasure of music to clients and see the happiness it brings.

    We also visited Kauai in April 2017 and were privileged to hear Aldrine and Aaron perform locally at Oasis on the Beach, where they slayed the crowd!!! I highly recommend this. There are many great players, great singers and great teachers – but there are few that are able to deliver on all three. Aldrine is one of those.

    Share UU+ with your ukulele playing friends – and if you have friends that are not uke players …. why not??


    Hi My name is Maria from Toronto, Canada. I have always wanted to play an musical instrument but could not find the right one, tried piano and gave up. It had to be portable and easy. Almost everyone in my family plays. My sister plays the ukulele and I thought it would be something I could try, so I bought one and here I am.. So far I love it I am really enjoying Aldrine’s lessons he is a great teacher and the lessons are easy to follow along.


    Hey all,

    I’m Brent. Originally I’m from the Florida/Georgia area of the US, but for the last decade plus I’ve been living in Japan and am currently in Tokyo.

    Between teaching, being a part time novelist and father of a two-year-old I don’t have as much time to play as I’d like, but recently I’ve been bringing my Uke to school to add some flavor to classes.


    ello everyone!
    my name’s delphin and i’ve decided to take my ukulele love to the next level !
    i’m in Lyon, France
    hope i can show you someday something decent! 🙂 aloha

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